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Spiritual development, healing and rejuvenation, In-your-own-power-coming, financial abundance, joie de vivre and ease belong together in the now started ascending energy. The most effective thing you can do for you and the world is the ascent energy for you to use; simple - clear - fast!

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Over a thousand years, cyclical descent energy from the center of the universe flowed to us. This allowed us to penetrate more deeply into the duality and the dense matter, so as to make experiences that were only possible here. The descent energy enabled and supported separation from the former, disease, drama, restriction of consciousness and separation of our divine connections to the great being that we really are.

Here we are now deep down in the dense physical world. We have learned everything and learned what we wanted. Since the end of 2012, no relegation energy has flowed to us, instead, slowly rising ascent energy flows to us. Their qualities are the union of formerly separated, of light and darkness in us and thus in the world, extension of consciousness, the in-our-own-power, joy of life and ease. However, the ascending energy is not so strong that it is compelling. We can still decide to stay in the existing descent energy (still enough is stored) or to turn to the ascent energy. When we do that, everything is different, as if the river suddenly flows in the other direction, back to the source.

Old methods have less and less impact and meaning, and new methods work suddenly at unprecedented speed and ease. If we want to live and work with this ascent energy, it is first necessary to transform, dissolve, and dissolve all our limitations and manipulations, A. to heal our light bodies, the chakras and DNA.

Now lead a happy, easy and fulfilling life. This is fast, easy, joyful and easy with the methods of ascending energy!

If you read this, your soul and heart would like to join the new ascent energy and be a beacon. If our ego or our personality refuses to fulfill this wish, the discrepancy between inner intention and lived reality leads to difficulties and in the long run also to physical complaints.

Spiritual development first means the permanent opening of our heart and the connection to "unconditional love". It is the most powerful force in the universe. With a free heart, we can get our higher abilities and expanded awareness and create the desired realities in our physical life.

This process includes:

  • Activating the connection to your "Supreme Origin"
  • Redemption and dissolution of external and self-imposed burdens, manipulations and energies of past and present life
  • The effective dissolution of karma, vows, curses, contracts, generational burdens, trauma (without re-life) u.v.m.
  • Transformations of obstructive patterns and habits into promoting
  • The integration of our ego to the realization of our spiritual development and our creations
  • Healing and activation of all subtle bodies, light body, 12/13-strand DNA, initiation of the rejuvenation process u.v.m.
  • Activation of one's own creative powers and self healing powers

In concentrated and accelerated form, you can do this independently at the "Vikara® Transformation Seminar" or step by step in practice. I accompany you individually by perception on your way to the goal NOW!

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