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Bioresonance treatment is a therapy for the regulation and support of the body's own self-healing powers. The task of bioresonance diagnostics is to detect those vibrations in the body that make the organism ill and bring it back into natural harmony.

How does bioresonance diagnostics work?

The bioresonance therapy of Rayonex was discovered by Mr. Paul Schmidt. The bioresonance procedure is derived from radionics. Scientists found that light emanations from individual cells, the so-called photons. This means that electromagnetic oscillations belong to the living organism and each human being possesses a very special body-own oscillation spectrum which can be used for disease detection and therapy.

The fact that not only human cells, every part of the body or organ, but also viruses, bacteria and every other living organism has its own oscillations with a specific frequency pattern, makes use of diagnostics using the bioresonance method. The cells exchange information with each other by electromagnetic means, whereby disturbing or pathogenic frequency patterns are different from healthy ones.

The application of bioresonance means a vibration therapy that is regulating and absolutely free of side effects and pain. This is the basis for the application of bioresonance diagnostics and therapy. With the help of an electronic device, a so-called polar, the reactions to natural vibrations of the organism are measured via at least four electrodes attached to the body. The aim of this method is to recognize, analyze and soothe disturbing electromagnetic vibrations that are specific to a disease or other disorder of the body, so that the diseased body can be restored to its natural equilibrium by balancing and regulating vibrations.

Especially in recent years, the therapy method of bioresonance has had a resounding success, not only in the treatment of allergies and to stimulate the body's self-healing powers. With various measurement methods of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, we are in our position to respond to individual personal questions, or searching for the cause.

Cause diagnosis according to Paul Schmidt

With our devices, we have users a powerful tool to question the causes of the complaints. Of course, no method has an absolute claim to 100% statements, but we are always amazed at how the results of the bioresonance tests continue with clarity. First we make the diagnosis, here the question of the origin of the disease is of great importance, but also a possible incompatibility should be inquired. The intestinal flora is certainly not responsible for everything, however, modern research can say, in our country in the West, no one has a natural complete colonization with intestinal bacteria.

Depending on the symptoms, this is an essential part of the therapy. With the help of bioresonance, we are therefore looking for suitable, compatible means ... If now a therapy with bioresonance alone or coupled with other naturopathic methods to follow, there are low-cost rental offers Rayonex. Since you can rent for 140, - € rental costs per month, the therapy device! We are looking for the right therapy concept.

What is bioresonance specifically used for today?

Bioresonance is used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. In the naturopathic, holistic view of man, the organism as a whole functions as a complex system. In the case of a disease or disorder of this system, this manifests itself in bioresonance treatment as a disharmony in the natural vibrations. Here, not only the symptoms of complaints or a disease, but the causes of various disorders in the holistic system of the organism are treated. Bioresonance therapy is suitable for many clinical pictures, especially for chronic conditions, this method can be used to detect causes that have remained undetected for a long time. Bioresonance can be treated well with skin disorders such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema, as well as forms of herpes and various allergies. In inflammatory gastric or intestinal complaints, irritable bowel, gastric ulcers and lactose or gluten intolerance and food allergy to achieve good results with the bioresonance method. But also for respiratory disorders such as hay fever or chronic bronchitis, conjunctivitis or frequent infectious diseases as well as diseases of the nervous system such as migraine, back or nerve pain or tinnitus bioresonance therapy is successfully used. Even symptoms caused by stress or mental stress, as well as general strengthening and fitness of the organism, this method is suitable.

How is bioresonance therapy used?

Bioresonance treatment is a therapy for the regulation and support of the body's own self-healing powers. It has the task of detecting those vibrations in the body that make the organism ill and restore it to natural harmony. In the process, the reactions of the patient to the supplied frequencies are observed. Using a state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art device, the inharmonic vibrations are visualized using a special procedure that allows for highly accurate root causes, non-specific long-term pain, mental stress, allergic reactions, and heavy metals and toxins found in the body.

During therapy, the pathologically altered signals are then redirected back to the patient via electrodes, mirror-inverted. These countervibrations are intended to neutralize the pathogenic oscillations with repeated treatment and to reduce disturbing factors. It helps the body to regain its health by activating and supporting the body's own self-healing powers, restoring the harmony of the complex system.

The bioresonance treatment is completely painless for the patient and lasts between 5 and 30 minutes. It is suitable for children, adults and old people alike, as it is gentle and completely without side effects. The Bioresonanzdiagnostik and the associated therapy should be carried out in each case only by a professionally trained and if possible already several years experienced in this field therapist, naturopathic doctor or alternative practitioner. Because then the range of this somewhat unusual treatment method is used completely and correctly, which guarantees the patient the greatest possible success in the detection and treatment of his symptoms.

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