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As soon as we have learned to exercise gentleness and love in our behavior, it becomes clear that we have to rethink many things. This will arise in all areas. Thus, we will also get a different way of thinking and behavior in dealing with pets.

Today, many people are already aware that they can no longer or almost no longer consume traditional foods. They value what they eat. In terms of their clothing, they also attach more and more importance to environmental compatibility. Most of the "new mothers" of today also pay attention to the babies being given a different kind of environment. Social, emotional and also in the food and clothing area is going on differently than before.

A few also think of their animals that it is important to build a friendly relationship with him. And they already pay attention to the food. The feed industry has been making huge profits for years. But here is the question of whether what's in there is really always good. The sugar content as an example is unnecessary in most feed and animal foods. It only contributes to bad teeth and obesity. The preservatives are also harmful. Not only with us humans.

In the medical sector it looks similar. Because people are learning slowly that they need the typical medical supplies only in emergencies. And that they have painkillers and the like left out. That's a great start.

But in the animals, the number of drug claims and the medical interventions increases in the highest numbers. This is partly because people believe they are doing something good for their pet. But animals are different than us humans. They handle wounds and injuries differently.

And who here wants to give the animal something good and support for healing, should here also use the energy healing and other natural remedies.

Castration and sterilization can also be prevented by energetic means. Because it is possible to "protect" an animal from "unwanted" pregnancy and child production >>. And all without castration or the like.

Find a healer who has really good access to the Divine. And let a kind of "seal" perform. Depending on the healer and the animal, even depending on the occasion, this treatment will look a little different. Because it is about achieving the best possible in the animal and thus also for his environment.

Thus, one can make temporal "seals" as well as for this whole life. It spares the animal a lot here. And it can feel much better.

But care must be taken that such an energetic intervention is only performed by a good healer. Because it can also have serious consequences for the animal if it is carried out, so to speak, only with half hearts. As an example, an animal may still become pregnant through a wrong kind of "seal," but then will not give birth to the baby animals. That would be one of the hardest points that can arise. Because then the life of the animal is at stake. Thus, it is enormously important that what is done is made wisely. And at Erstanwenderm also has a kind of check-up investigation.

In case of a presumed pregnancy, however, not only the animal, but also the environment should be included in the "repair". So that the cause of the failed "seal" becomes clear and clear. And for everyone who lives with the animal or supports it as a healer here.

I want to explain to all those who are new to the field of energy healing, why it is possible to energetically subject an animal to a kind of castration. For that, I go into the human past. And I want to explain how we can use some of the past experience here in a positive way.

Many people today can not have children because they have formed conscious or unconscious blocks in the past incarnations.

That is, in earlier times, women were deliberately "forbidden" childbearing and being pregnant. The energy of this is still present in some people. I myself was allowed to experience such a seal on my own breast. It made my breastfeeding difficult at first. But after the liberation of these everything went by itself.

And now we can use the awareness and knowledge of today and then, in which we find a natural way to regulate the number of animals in animals. Because who prevents the pregnancy on the energetic way or the child-witnessing, it can in a few years again "open" and thus he can still allow the animal some baby animals.

We humans should be inspired by this method. And take a closer look at ourselves, which is acceptable to us and what is not. Because it's a great way to get the kids targeted, so to speak. For this we can use the energy healing powers of some healers!
Are you a healer?

Are you someone who has already dealt with alternative healing methods? Have you ever thought, instead of administering medication or medical interventions, to regulate children's health differently?

Since this is not uncommon for experienced healers, I want to give you some food for thought.
Help the animals during the transitional period. Help them by "sealed" them energetically for a limited time so that they escape the physical final solutions. Help them energetically by regulating the number of children and their birth.

And who knows, maybe there are brave people who want to try it out for themselves as well.

Furthermore, one can simplify childbirth through energy healing. It does not roll, whether it is human or animal.

I have long thought about whether my findings of animal "seal" is a useful option. After all, we should also live in harmony with nature in this area.

And every form of action by man is an intervention in nature. And we know only too well the human implications of engaging with nature in other ways. We should give healing to nature. And that means we are going back in many places in our way of regulating.
And on the other hand, it requires active "cleanup" work.

I have come to the conclusion that this is the right way. The transition path! It will be used as long as we need it to get away from physical interventions, then let nature run its course again.

Everything in life has its rightness! Trust in God!

But we are in a transitional phase. And this sometimes turns bumpy. Therefore, some people are exposed to a kind of mixing energy. The good is coming and the old is not quite gone yet.

Therefore, I now see this seed. That it flourishes and thrives!

As a healer, find a way to help animals to escape castration and sterilization. Regulate the frequency of pregnancies energetically!

So every animal has the opportunity to be a healer. More than it has been so far. And to stay healer. Because many healings, which the animal takes us, go to his own health. And that does not have to be. Even animals need their kind of cleaning. Or they save their vast healing powers and help us on an unprecedented level.

As a pet owner, find a healer who has good access to God and inner wisdom. That your animal can see energetic "castrate or sterilize". And the maximum only for this life.

If you, as a reader, whether you are a healer or user, have found a way to help your pet in such a great, progressive way, then write to me!

Write me as a healer or as a pet owner your success with energetic animal regulation ("seal") for further pregnancies.

Write me down your method and approach. Tell me about the events. And tell me your terminology, which you use. For "sealing" is for me only a term that many know and therefore understand. I prefer to call it regulation because it's not my personal concern to completely deny pregnancy or child-witnessing to an animal.

I will collect all communications to create a kind of lexicon. Therefore, I am also happy about a short report. So a subject index can arise.

This topic should be accessible to many. Let the seed become more than a single flower! I bind so to say a bunch of flowers from your letters. And above all, write me how far I can publish your report in a book!

All for the benefit of animals and therefore of nature.

On which you can trust God and the subtle world!
Have fun blossoming in the new time.

Greetings Bianca Winter

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