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Anyone who likes to deal with the animals in our time properly, already brings the animal already love. But whoever helps the animal to go into the new age needs more than love. Because love of animals alone is only one of the many pieces of the puzzle.

Even animals are big souls. And they want to be treated respectfully-fully in the interest of nature. We today's loving people are still far from unconditional love. This unconditional love would unquestionably lead us to respectful action. But even if we feel animal love, we are often too full of parenting methods and experiences of the old days. This affects people in their dealings with animals.

Many people therefore have to re-learn how to deal with animals.
Because animals were and are partially recognized only as "animal". But they are individual great souls who incarnate in our time.
Few people have already learned that animals should be given more respect, more respect and more freedom.

The stables have shrunk to a bearable level and if animals live in a stable, it is more generous than before. But freedom is still waiting!

Many animals are already ready to stay with a human. Without a stable or leash. If you give them this, they return to you out of love and respect. Of course, they would go on trips and enjoy their freedom. But they are ready to accept a home that is in the care of a loved one.
If an animal does not go so well where it lives, the animal would search for a new place in freedom.
It may be the place, the stable, the people or even the living environment that is disturbing. There are also other reasons for relocating.
The human being has to learn to give an animal the freedom it needs and yet to "take care" of it. This is sometimes a degree walk.
But what is certain is that all dealings with animals must be put to the test. Whether pet or farm animal.
Organic farming has already been the beginning in this area.
But it will mean that we stop eating animals.

Pets on the other hand, are already valued as a friend of man. But even in these areas, man must adapt his kind of friendship, the evolved vibration. Especially with baby animals is to pay attention to them to offer more respect, less blame and more true friendship.

The outlet possibilities and the self-determination of an animal must increase. Because then the animal vibration can remain enormously high.
And if the vibration of the animals is high, then it contributes even more to the healing and help of man than before.

Animals living in a pure housing posture are even more exposed to the stress of those living there. It has no nature walks that help the animal to cleanse itself.
No animal likes stress. If it can not escape this due to its living situation, then the animal will form blocks or show conspicuous behavior.

  • It makes a lot of what an animal has experienced.
  • It makes a lot of what an animal socializes.
  • It matters a lot to an animal to help you.
  • It matters a lot how his life circumstances are.
  • It makes a lot of what it gets to eat and what does not.
  • It matters a lot, when it is allowed to eat and when not.

So think about your kind of animal love.
And make the best of it.

All the best and good luck
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