The perfect equipment for a mobile practice for veterinary practitioners

Animal Healing Practitioner is a responsible and important profession. If you want to establish yourself, you have to worry about the location question. If there is too much competition in the area or if the local society is too conservative for alternative therapies, the business could run badly. Who is flexible and can adapt to the wishes of the customers, has a clear advantage. A mobile practice is a great way to work professionally and be flexible.

Benefits of a mobile practice

Home visits are very welcome to many customers and are common in the veterinary practitioner industry. Anyone working with larger animals, such as farm animals, should definitely have a mobile practice. The advantage - whether in the treatment of small or large animals - is the stress-free environment. Dog, cat and co are usually much more relaxed in their home than in a foreign practice. In addition, the strenuous transport in a box is avoided. This can be very important especially for sick or weakened animals. In addition, treatments such as a TT.E.A.A. Massage more effective when the animal is more relaxed. Being able to practice practicing in the patient's habitual environment also has the added benefit of helping the animal health practitioner to get to know the environment and, in some cases, to provide additional animal welfare tips.


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The mobile veterinary practice should have everything that is needed for the treatments. The practice should be firmly installed in the car. Who wants to use his car privately, should accommodate the practice in a trailer that can be transported by vehicle. Although many modern cars no longer have a trailer hitch at the factory, they can be retrofitted by a specialist in accordance with the model. You just have to choose one of the common variants. Pivoting towbars have the advantage, for example, that they can be folded under the bumper when they are no longer needed. Usually, a trailer or a larger van is needed for a well-equipped mobile practice, so that sufficient space for the instruments and aids Available. Everything is well sorted, for example, in small cabinets with drawers and a stable shelving system, you work more organized. In addition, order ensures a professional impression with the customer. Especially those who want to re-establish their practice and build a regular customer network should pay attention to the impression they leave on potential customers. The equipment itself depends on the respective therapy methods offered by the veterinary practitioner. The basic equipment of any practice, however, include aids such as a practical bag, sphygmomanometer, thermometer, sorting plates for small bottles and bags (for example, for globules, salts or medicinal herbs), jaws, forceps, tweezers, scissors and dressings. For hygiene disinfectants, gloves and also an underlay for the animal are recommended. Depending on the forms of therapy that are offered, additional aids such as pendulum, rod, colored light lamps, acupuncture pens or massage sticks are important.

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