Stairlift for practice for more clients & patients

The child seat for the little ones has long been part of the normal equipment of the treatment rooms. Although demographic change can not be denied, relatively few medical practitioners, doctors or other practices have hitherto been prepared for this development. We are getting older and do not want to limit our mobility. Times change, and thus the patient's ideas, which is a pleasant date in practice. The comfort is also that every visitor will find optimal conditions for his stay and feel well cared for. Satisfied patients like to talk about positive experiences and are often the reason for other patients to register for treatment.

Trendy - the modern stair lift

More and more practices are taking an example at public institutions and have their patients installed a stair lift or lifts in practice. Not only the elderly benefit from such devices. Above all, disabled people can also be practiced by the lift without assistance. A considerable increase in new patients is often observed shortly after rearmament. For a practice, the installation of a stairslift can be a kind of special feature, since in times when many practitioners or practitioners still have deficits, providers with the comfort of their customers benefit. The patients reward such care and gladly recommend this practice to friends and acquaintances.

Accessibility upwards

Even the use of a simple installation can be worthwhile. Many people who suffer from a restriction of mobility are happy when they can go unaccompanied to the healing practitioner or doctor. In doing so, the stairlift does not have to be adapted perfectly to the individual wishes of every person concerned. Most stair lifts are suitable for the majority of patients and can therefore be used in practice without special circumstances. Of course, the lift should be adapted to the respective premises and ideally be adapted to the existing ambience. Spaces with curves in the house can be overcome optimally with a curve lift on rails and offer the user very good security.

Stable and always ready for use

Whether it is a straight line, the round spiral staircase or other spatial barriers - there is the right solution for every practice. The quality of the lifts is so good today that even a patient in a wheelchair can easily get to the healing practitioner on the second floor. Such stairlifts are of course only useful if the clientele has more than one user with such a restriction. As is the case with all purchases, the first step is to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the customer data and then purchase the correct stair lift according to the data obtained. At the same time, the wishes of the regular customers and potential new customers should serve as important parameters for the purchase decision.
Some questions can be clarified by practitioners and employees:

Which conversions are necessary

  • How many patients can already benefit from a lift today
  • When will the purchase of the stairs lift count
  • What time is available for the installation of the lift
  • Where can the purchase be saved and there are subsidies from the state (see also Pfle strengthening law)
  • If other areas have to be changed in practice, they must be disabled

From the classic to the trendsetter

Of course, all stairs can be viewed online in advance. Many owners of a practice want to be sure that the stair lift can be integrated into the existing interior. Here a specialist consultant can give helpful tips. From the classical to the stairs in the minimalist style, all requirements for an appealing design can be fulfilled. With a stair lift, which can be loaded up to 125 kg, an average equipment should suffice. There are also stair lifts with higher load capacity. Up to 200 kilograms, standard models are manufactured and those who want to transport more weight can get more details from the specialist dealer.

For the future in the usual environment

Often the expenses for a stairs lift are surpassed, which perhaps explains the restraint when buying. A stair lift is also offered for the small purse. If you have to keep your budget manageable, you can buy a seat lift for the stairs at an attractive price. The easier the lift is, the cheaper the offers for a well-functioning stair lift. Even the acquisition of only a few new customers has a positive effect on the turnover of the practice, which then also offers an option for their regular customers to be able to be treated for many years even in the case of reduced mobility in the usual environment.

No one can replace the consultation

Even if online appointments can be useful in practice, the personal treatment is by their curative practitioner or doctor. If a practice is equipped with a stair lift, each visitor can be treated on site without the help of others. This is not only of practical value, but also improves communication with the affected customers. The four-eye conversation, as well as the many things that are also unspoken for the expert, can only be made transparent by direct contact. Anyone who is interested in the practice of the benefit of his or her clientele has enough motivation to offer his patients an option for a personal consultation. The stair lift facilitates this possibility, which certainly means more to the target group than merely a better mobility. In the end, a stair lift supports the independence of the people.
The professional world is unanimous

As experts have known for a long time, the investment in a stair lift is always an investment in the future. Anyone who makes sure that his patients can come into his practice even in old age, can be sure that this concept pays off. The positive response of the patients and the resulting reputation of the practice are essential parameters for the purchase. A stair lift nowadays is simply part of the innovative equipment of a modern practice.

Last change: 2018/11/01

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