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A balanced acid-base ratio is very important for the good interaction of our organism. The body needs both to maintain health: acids and bases. This balance is usually lost through technical progress, damaging environmental influences, changed living conditions and unhealthy lifestyles at the expense of the bases. This can lead to an overload of the metabolism - chronic illnesses can be long-term consequences.

Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik Methode Marine Balance
Image: Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik Methode Marine Balance

Preventive health care based on the three pillars of "nutrition, exercise and skin care" - strives for the balance of body, mind and soul as a reflection of inner and outer beauty. As early as 1997, at a time when the importance of acids and bases in the human organism was little known, a "Basic Deacidification Week" was carried out on the beauty farm of Gertraud Gruber under the guidance of a physician - and has since enjoyed strong demand.

With this method, it has been possible to develop a cosmetic treatment, but also an application for you at home, in order to dissipate excess acids that have accumulated in the connective tissue. The combination of applications and natural, high-quality products helps your skin and your body rebalance the acid-base balance.
Acids and bases in equilibrium

How does acidification develop?

What happens, among other things, when we are over acidified? A not to be underestimated consequence of a hyperacidity is the demineralization of the tissue and the bones, as more alkaline minerals are needed for buffering. This lack of certain minerals leads to disturbances in the metabolism over a longer time. Thus, physiological processes are hindered and malfunctions can occur.

How does hyperacidity affect our skin in the long term?

Our body has many compensation options (eg, basic minerals, basic fluids, intact function of the excretory organs) to neutralize or dissipate acids. But if they are overloaded for a long time, they are exhausted. There is an increased deposition of slags and acids in the connective tissue. The skin can therefore recognize increased sensitivity and allergic readiness. Thus, increased redness, and often a rosacea (chronic, inflammatory skin disease), due to it. Cellulite, swollen tissue and atrophic skin are also frequently the result of latent hyperacidity.

However, skin blemishes, including acne, respond very well to the release of acids.

How can we counteract this process?

The first step is to recognize the hyperacidity and to become aware of this process. We should watch our body and its symptoms carefully, pay more attention to a balanced diet, adequate sleep, exercise and recovery in everyday life.

The MARINE BALANCE method was developed by experienced cosmeticians, medical specialists and alternative practitioners as an interaction of products and applications that stimulates your skin and your body to dissipate acids. The combination of the Marine Balance treatment and the 7-day treatment for the home helps you to detoxify and to balance acids and bases. The skin becomes clearer - not only on the face - it also appears visibly and noticeably firmer on the whole body.

Treat yourself to a Marine Balance treatment with your Gertraud Gruber beautician and then start the 7-day base cure with our Marine Balance Base Set.

The main active ingredients

Rügen healing chalk - basic natural wonder

"The white gold Rügen", as this healing chalk is also called, is mined on the Baltic island of Rügen and used both for cosmetic purposes and for medical application.

The Rügen chalk cliffs, which were formed millions of years ago from the deposits of the shells of the smallest organisms, are rich in calcium carbonate, silicon and magnesium. Even the ancient Romans used the healing chalk because of their beneficial effects. The natural product became known around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The Rügen healing chalk is something special - purifies and warms the body, cleanses the skin and makes it supple soft.

Thanks to its heat and cold storage capacity, the Rügen healing chalk can be used both as a warm and as a cold pack. In a warm pack, the heat is slowly released to the body. It creates a pleasant feeling of warmth - the blood circulation is stimulated, the muscles relax. The basic pH value of 8-9 of the Rügen healing chalk is optimally suited to support the skin as an excretory organ in the form of packs and baths.

Sea salt - rich in minerals

Sea salt is extracted from seawater in so-called salt gardens. On the coasts, the seawater is channeled into artificial pools. As the water evaporates through the sun and wind, the sea salt settles to the bottom of the pools and can be harvested by the salt farmers. In addition to sodium chloride, the sea salt also contains small amounts or traces of many other substances, including e.g. Potassium, magnesium and manganese. Salt is a natural component of the skin. In low concentrations, it has a positive effect on the moisture content of the skin.

Chlorella vulgaris - the power of microalgae

Chlorella vulgaris is a single-celled green alga. The cells have a diameter of 4-10 nanometers and a spherical shape. Chlorella vulgaris is found in stagnant and flowing waters, both fresh and estuarine, but can also be found on solid surfaces. It is rich in essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, but also in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Their high content of chlorophyll makes them unique. Chlorophyll can positively affect intestinal activity and protect cell walls from oxidation.
The interaction of the organs

What can you do to help at home?

Strengthen the success of treatment and think about the following topics:

  • How can I support the leaving organs?
  • Do I pay attention to a base excess diet?
  • Do I use home-spaaging applications?
  • Do I do breathing exercises regularly?
  • Am I sufficiently moving in the fresh air?
  • Do I practice yoga, qi gong, gymnastics, or similar?

Open your "valves": intestines, lungs, kidneys and skin

Intestinal: with plenty of fiber, enough fluid and regular bowel movements to support the intestine.

Lungs: with breathing exercises during a walk. Always concentrate on the exhalation, it should always be longer than the inhalation. If the exhalation is forced, then also the inhalation becomes deeper.

Kidneys: drink enough (1.5 to 2 liters) of still water or thin herbal tea. Daily two large cups of base tea stimulate the skin and kidney to dissipate.

Skin: Brushing in the morning revives, refreshes and improves blood circulation. It is gently peeled, sweat and sebaceous glands are stimulated.
Basic nutrition as a cure or in everyday life?

Feeding 100% alkaline is not recommended without medical supervision. The base cure of the beauty farm GERTRAUD GRUBER is an adaptation therapy for the body. It is performed under medical supervision, so that any symptoms of slight accompanying symptoms can be monitored professionally.

However, the most valuable experience of this treatment is the well-being in the end. A sense of well-being that reaches all levels: body, mind and soul.

Just as a fasting cure should not be done all year long, the 100% base cure should not be done all year round. It is recommended to get detox and products once or twice a year.

You feel yourself again and handle yourself more attentively.


Marine Balance product series at a glance

Marine Balance face pack

Treat yourself to a unique care ritual with the MARINE BALANCE facial pack: with a bowl, fan brush, tea and powder, you create an effective face mask. The Rügen healing chalk with a pH of 8-9 is a natural powder that finely and evenly clears the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Plankton extract strengthens the barrier function of the skin, while Chlorella vulgaris regenerates the skin. The sea salt, extracted from the Gulf Stream, is rich in minerals and trace elements.

Marine Balance Natural Facial Sponge

Complete your cleansing ritual with a gentle and revitalizing massage with the MARINE BALANCE Natural Facial Sponge. This is also ideal for gently removing the Marine Balance face pack. The natural product from the sea, unique in its form and fine-pored structure, is mild to the skin and effectively removes residues of cleansing products as well as masks and wraps. In addition to the cleaning function, a sponge massage also supports the skin's circulation.

Marine Balance Bases Bath

Immerse yourself in a holistic wellbeing experience with the MARINE BALANCE Basen Bad. The pH in the range 9 supports the osmosis. This means: The acids in and on the skin seek to balance the extremely alkaline pool water and pass through pores and glands to the outside. And that happens without drying out the skin. Valuable minerals and trace elements in the sea salt and in the Rügen healing chalk provide a well-groomed skin. The freshwater Algae Chlorella vulgaris regenerates the skin.
Marine Balance Skin Function Oil

Marine Balance Skin Function Oil

Support the skin circulation with a loving and effective massage with the MARINE BALANCE skin function oil. Essential oils such as St. John's wort, rosemary, juniper berry and pine needle oil activate the metabolism, promote blood circulation and also have regenerative properties.
Birch bark extract protects strained skin, while daisy extract soothes the skin.

Marine Balance Wooden Knob Massage Brush

Activate the skin circulation with the Marine Balance Holnoppen Massage Brush. The hornbeam pimples sit on a rubber cushion that works with compressed air - this results in a particularly gentle, but at the same time very effective dry massage. Regular massages have a positive effect on the connective tissue and prepare the skin for the subsequent inclusion of care products. The brush body is made of oiled, FSC-certified beech wood.

Marine balance bases tea

Celebrate the tea ritual with all your senses. Made according to the special recipe of the beauty farm GERTRAUD GRUBER, the MARINE BALANCE Base Tea is the ideal companion for every base cure. Selected ingredients from certified organic farming such as walnut leaves, birch leaves, horsetail, elderflower, Sharp-flower and violet flowers have a discharging effect.

Further tips can be found in the extended editions of the book "The Whole Cosmetic Balance" by Mrs. Gertraud Gruber and Dr. med. Petra Blum or ask your Gertraud Gruber professional beautician.

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