Skin Care Tips: Feeling comfortable in your own skin Hair, skin, nails

Skin care may seem negligible to some: The bit of cream should not have such a big influence? But if you take enough time to care for your skin, you feel better in your own skin, as you literally say.

Skin Care Tips: Feeling comfortable in your own skin
Image: Skin Care Tips: Feeling comfortable in your own skin

Care in winter

Maintaining one's own skin not only enhances wellbeing - especially in the cold winter months, additional care is necessary so that the skin does not hurts, itches or bruises. Moisturizers and moisturizers can then work wonders. This also applies to men who, in contrast to the past, attach more and more importance to skincare. Because intensive care strengthens the body feeling, ensures radiant complexion and has a calming effect on many at the same time.

Find your own favorite products

The advantages and disadvantages of the various products and active ingredients are discussed passionately on the Internet - there you will also find reviews and tips. If you are interested in facial care, you should always look for products that are suitable for your own skin type. Do you have oily, dry or combination skin? Certain agents work better for some than for others. Although not always the most expensive product is the best, but who wants to try a new brand product, will find on many care and beauty series at reasonable prices. Anyone who has already found his favorite brand can quickly find similar products from the same manufacturer.

Daily skin care routine

When it comes to the morning and evening routine, it is also worthwhile to research for tips and to try so long until you have found the perfect care program for your own needs. For example, evening 10-step programs from Korea are becoming more and more popular, which can take place as follows:

  • pre-cleaning
  • foam cleaning
  • Exfoliation (optional)
  • toner
  • essence
  • Serum or ampoule
  • cloth mask (optional)
  • eye cream
  • moisturizer
  • sunscreen, night cream

Pay attention to the essentials

Since such a comprehensive daily care requires a lot of time and is often quite expensive, it should be made clear that you do not have to stick dogmatically to such care programs. You can also focus on the most important aspects and shorten the program.

However, one should always keep in mind when it comes to skincare: On the one hand, daily sun protection is extremely important for skin health. On the other hand, the double evening cleaning is helpful to remove both make-up residues and dirt particles. If you are not sure about the order of the care steps, you can also take note of blogger Sugarpeaches' tip to always start with the watery products and work your way to the thicker ones. If you take the tips mentioned above, then you will permanently ensure a beautiful and healthy complexion.

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