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Many people underestimate the importance of foot health for physical well-being. After all, persistent foot problems can severely limit the quality of life - around 40 percent of the Swiss suffer from it. By standing and walking for hours as well as the wrong footwear the foot loses its natural stability. As a result, it can sometimes even lead to changes in posture and thus to back and joint pain. To prevent such consequences, one should pay attention to the choice of shoes.

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First of all, one should be aware that the human anatomically does not really depend on shoes. The so-called bale passage was the natural pattern of movement of our ancestors, because the upright walk and the rolling from the bale steps ensured a holistic health without foot or back problems. In the bale duct, the front part of the foot is first unrolled before placing the heel on the floor.

Although shoes protect the feet from environmental influences, shoes that are too tight, in particular, also limit their freedom of movement. As a result, the foot muscles are under-trained and the foot loses its anatomical stability. For one thing, you should therefore do regular foot exercises to keep your foot flexible and strengthen your muscles. Also barefoot running should be integrated into the foot exercises. On the other hand, suitable shoes can help provide the foot with as much natural freedom of movement as possible.
When buying shoes, caution is required

Basically, you should switch between different shoes in everyday life, instead of wearing the same pair every day. So not only the shoes can ventilate, also the feet get some variety. In addition, you should note the following notes:

Fit: Each foot makes its own demands on the shoe due to its individual shape. Especially ladies should remember: alone for fashionable reasons you should never squeeze into a shoe. Finally, there is a large selection for particularly large or wide feet.
Material: Feet must be able to breathe in the shoes and move freely. Leather is a material that breathes on the one hand and adapts to the other on the foot. Textile shoes are particularly suitable for the summer months, as they warm the feet less than leather.
Type of shoe: Not every person can easily wear any kind of shoes. If you suffer from foot deformities such as hallux valgus, then you should renounce for reasons of his health on high heels. Otherwise, when choosing the model, the aspect of comfort always applies, because shoes are often worn all day long. Various cuts and footbeds cause the muscles to be constantly challenged.

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