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The mattress accompanies us several hours a day. Often it is our favorite companion, because he says nothing and does not contradict. But so we can not determine when it is time to swap. With a bad sleep and back pain, the mattress is always blamed, but is that correct? Based on a few factors, the point to exchange can be determined well.

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Over time, a mattress gets dirty, which is due to different points. The majority of the contaminants are made up of house dust, dust mites, dander and other excretions of the human body. If bacteria are added to this mixture, it can cause a bad smell. The impression can quickly arise, one does not take it with the cleanliness so exactly. But that is a natural process. Everybody loses 1.5 liters of sweat during the night, containing salts and proteins. If the mattress is not adequately ventilated, it may even cause mold - then you should look for a new mattress, but there are some nice points of contact with a mattress test on the Internet.

In each mattress small creatures are hidden, the house dust mites. This is a cause for annoyance, especially for allergy sufferers. The mites love to live dark, damp and warm.

What do the mites feed on?

The staple foods are your dander. That's why up to a million small unpleasant animals can crawl in a double mattress.

How can these animals and other unsightly spots be prevented?

A washable mattress cover is a practical solution. Each mattress is surrounded by a slipcover. This should be quick and easy to put in the washing machine. For a two-piece zipper is very helpful, so that the cover can be washed twice. Otherwise it may happen that your washing machine is too small. A washable cover, however, does not mean he has an endless life. It depends on the quality of the mattress, how often it can handle a washing machine.

In addition, regular rotation of the mattress can extend the life span. As a guide, the experts say so about once a month. This means it should be rotated longitudinally and transversely. If the bumps in the mattress are so big that you always sink in the middle when lying down, you should think about changing a mattress alone and try it at a retailer and maybe give a mattress test winner the chance, in the bed box, a new home to obtain.

When should the mattress be changed?

  • Cheap mattresses have a lifespan of 5-8 years, more expensive models live up to 14 years.
  • When the lounger is no longer wegzudiskutieren.
  • Is the cover not washable and over 5 years old.
  • If the density is less than 30 and used daily.

Depending on the core of the mattress certain foams, for example latex, which after a certain time start to crumble latest then the mattress should be exchanged.

Of course, every person has to decide on a change himself, but hygienic deficiencies, sleeping comfort and clear cooling are an indication to think about a mattress exchange. But do not just ask your neighbor, because you want to swap the mattress with him. Be well advised in a specialist shop and trust a new mattress for most of the day.

Last change: 2017/11/16

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