More health through ergonomics in the office Spine, back, joints

The majority of the day people spend at their workplace. If the workplace is not ergonomically optimized, this often leads to illnesses due to malpractice and overload. In particular, the movement apparatus reacts disproportionately to persistently incorrect sitting and standing.

More health through ergonomics in the office
Image: More health through ergonomics in the office

Therefore, if you set up your office, you should pay attention to ergonomic office furniture and workstations, to avoid the inconvenience and unnecessary therapies for the employee and the company.

Ergonomics in everyday life and working life - sitting is important

In every third patient with back pain, medical practitioners and curative practitioners lead the complaints back to wrong sitting. The attitude that people take on a chair is therefore very important, especially when most of the day is spent in this position. In order to ensure a healthy sitting, a work chair or desk chair must therefore meet the following minimum requirements:

  • an adjustable backrest that can be adjusted in height and inclination
  • a height-adjustable seat
  • Locations that can cause pinching or pinching must be excluded
  • from a seat height of more than 650 mm an ascent aid should be available

Ergonomically designed chairs support the perfect tilt of the pelvis and the natural S-shape of the spine in every sitting position. This way the back stays healthier even during long periods of sitting.

Comfort of a height-adjustable desk - healthy attitude included

Height-adjustable desks are more and more represented in the children's rooms, as the desk should accompany the child as much as possible throughout the school season. Desks whose height can be adjusted can also prove their advantages in other household and workplace situations. The size of the employee employed may vary, if the desk can be adjusted individually. Back problems, tensions and classic discomfort of the muscles can be counteracted by the change of the posture during the office work. The (electrically) height-adjustable desk makes this possible.

Conclusion - Ergonomics in the office and everyday life keeps you fit

Ergonomics is an issue that is important for both employees and entrepreneurs. With ergonomic workstations, the entrepreneur spares some high costs and staff redundancies. The employee benefits from better health conditions also for everyday life.

The use of ergonomic furniture and work equipment therefore pays off for all parties involved. And for everyday life, Büromöbel can also be alienated. A height-adjustable table in the kitchen, for example, can make a good service to the housewife and relieve the back.

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