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Do you feel free and self-determined? - 8 Questions that take you forward.

If you want to live self-determined and free, you have to be with yourself.

With the following questions you can check how far you really are with yourself. For (...) you can use any person who plays an important role in your life.

Do you know that?

  1. You have so much good advice for (...), you also share it, but it simply doesn't fall on fertile ground, doesn't arrive and isn't implemented by (...).
  2. Through your advice or tips, (...) defends himself or withdraws from you, (...) feels attacked and may insult you for it. But you know that it would be good and important for (...).
  3. You feel responsible or guilty when (...) it doesn't go well, (...) it is sad, angry or unhappy, (...) it gets sick, has hardships or problems, is shunned by others, treated unfairly or bullied.
  4. You feel guilty when (...) you are treated unjustly and your needs are disregarded, as if you were doing something wrong.
  5. You give (...) devotion, love, comfort, help and try to (...), or you perform even better in your profession, but you get no recognition, no praise, no thanks for your efforts, no matter how hard you try. (Ingratitude is the reward of the worlds.)
  6. You have the feeling that you could (...) change and make happy if you only change yourself or work on yourself and your behaviour, if you try even harder to be better, nicer or more perfect. You may have short-term success with it, but it doesn't really last.
  7. You almost always know how it goes (...), even before (...) even says what is going on. You feel it immediately, perhaps better than (...) yourself.
  8. You have the feeling that something indefinable always prevents you from doing what is important to yourself, what would be fun and joy for you. Your own ideas, which you have been carrying around with you for a long time, simply cannot really be put into practice.

If even some of these experiences seem familiar to you, then you place the needs of (...) above your own, you are too little with yourself and cannot really be free yourself. Here it is worthwhile to clarify the identity spaces between you and (...).

In constellations for self-discovery and self-integration, you can create clarity and freedom for yourself and thus also a bit for (...).

Relationships succeed when everyone is at home in themselves!

I am happy to accompany you:

  • in individual sessions
  • on self-discovery days
  • on the phone
  • via Skype
  • or in a group seminar in Krumbach, Munich or Lüneburg.

Partnership and freedom

If you make the above experiences in your partnership relationships, then you can bring new momentum into your existing partnership with your clarification, or create a basis for future partnerships.

Feedback from a participant after clarification of her relationship space:

Dear Helmut, thank you very much for the telephone coaching a few days ago. It was a real work appointment, a lot of work done - and that's how I felt. After that I was able to sleep properly again for the first time in weeks, my sleep disorders are now gone, although I had not really addressed this issue. I am well now, I have finally arrived back at myself and am at peace with myself. What was filled with anger, grief and pain so far finally feels, and that had occupied me for months of my life, pacifies me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you also feel the desire to come completely to yourself, to be able to stand by yourself and to feel connected with others in freedom, I am looking forward to being able to accompany you.

Best regards
Helmut Laber

Allow yourself to track down the miracle, the secret that you are!
The secret - something that can hardly be conveyed with words and yet can suddenly be experienced.


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