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The best therapies, best medical treatment and the best methods

Basically, the listed therapies, massages and treatments are the basics. In contrast to the "therapies, treatment methods and medical treatment on the frequency of tenders" determines here the visitor this listing. The sorting is quite simple, the more visitors were counted at the respective therapy, massage or treatment, the above is this.

1. place - best therapies
Atlas-vertebra treatment, Atlas therapy according to Arlen

Spine, back, joints

The atlas vertebra is not only the head, but is also responsible for a variety of diseases. The atlas vertebra affects the skeleton and the overall statics of the spine, and their symptoms and...

2. place - best therapies
Spiritual Healing & Mental Healing

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

Mind healers possess the ability in the state of meditation or trance to flow healing spiritual energies through their prana canal. Mind healers activate by spiritual healing the body's ability to...

3. place - best therapies
Healing hands

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

Why do healing hands work? What is energy? These and other questions about healing hands or the inner healing power are to be clarified here. Where do healing hands come from? This question has been...

4. place - best therapies
Healing blockages, solve blockages

Consulting, Coaching

Healing blockages mean any kind of energetic congestion and disability, or even inhibitions that make it impossible for our life energy to flow freely and unimpeded through energy lines (meridians)...

5. place - best therapies
Psychokinesiology according to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt


Psychokinesiology according to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt As part of kinesiology is a simple and effective combination of body work and psychotherapy. It can make aware of the psychological conflicts...

6. place - best therapies
Energy work, energy healing

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

There are many different ways to work with the energy, this goes from hands-on to discussion, as well as the very well-known channeling. Working with energy always takes place, and in every case by...

7. place - best therapies
Usui Reiki - Traditional Reiki by Dr. Mikao Usui


Reiki, with the help of the hands, provides the body with additional life energy and vitality, which he can use to initiate healing processes. Reiki to Usui supports the treatment of all well-known...

8. place - best therapies
Anxiety & uncertainty - Therapy & Counseling

Psychoanalysis, behavior, conversation

Almost every person is afraid and is unsure when he is tackling something new. But if so many people are going out and acting, then we must come to the conclusion that "fear is not the problem"! For...

9. place - best therapies
Metabolic Balance ® - Metabolic & Nutritional Program

Diet, Eating, Eating Disorders, Fasting

metabolic balance® - metabolism program for weight regulation - developed by doctors and nutritionists. With the help of metabolic balance®, you can transform your diet into a healthy, balanced and...

10. place - best therapies
Chakra work

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

Chakras are responsible for our "radiance" and they are also called energy wheels. What is energy? Energy can also be understood as a flow of life. If the human being is in the flow of life, that is,...

11. place - best therapies
Clearing, cleaning the energy field

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

Clearing is the cleaning of the energy field of persons, rooms, places and houses. Why a Clearing? The aura of a person is often occupied by the energies of other beings. Sometimes it is earthbound...

12. place - best therapies
Life counseling: success and happiness with life advice

Consulting, Coaching

Through your life advice, inspire your performance, your creativity, your motivation, and your efficiency for yourself. Use your human potential, make use of what has been given to you by nature. Use...

13. place - best therapies
Frankincense therapy

Herbal medicine

Frankincense, like many other herbal medicines, is not a panacea that could eliminate diseases that are incurable with conventional medicine. In many, especially inflammatory diseases, however, it is...

14. place - best therapies
Bach Flowers: Bach Flower Therapy & Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

The after Dr. Edward Bach called flower therapy provides for the treatment of various mental and emotional states with the help of plant essences. According to Bach's theory, illness occurs when...

15. place - best therapies
Discuss warts, discuss shingles after Böthing

Discomfort, pain

When discussing diseases, such as shingles and warts, the self-healing forces inside the patient's body are powerfully activated. The art of discussing is traditionally continued and found in all...

16. place - best therapies
NST - Neurostructural Integration Technology

Massages, lymphatic drainage

NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique) is one of the world's leading Bowen therapies, a gentle and holistic form of bodywork. NST creates an environment in which the body's natural...

17. place - best therapies
High-frequency therapy

Electro, stimulus, bioresonance, laser, oxygen

High-frequency therapy (also known as HF therapy or HFT) is an application and treatment in the form of a stimulus therapy, whereby the treatment / therapy with special electrodes conducts...

18. place - best therapies


Again and again one is confronted with the term meditation. It is no longer used only for spiritual purposes but also more and more frequently in the health sector as in fitness or sports centers. In...

19. place - best therapies
Coaching, process consulting

Consulting, Coaching

In a process consulting (=coaching) there are no generally valid or prefabricated solution suggestions, since the client develops individual results. As a process consultant, the coach pushes the...

20. place - best therapies
Regenaplex, Regena therapy according to G. C. Stahlkopf

Naturopathy, holistic medicine, folk medicine

Regenaplexes are purely homeopathic complex remedies of plant and mineral substances as a kind of medicine that can be administered by the therapist or naturopath in the form of drops. What is a...