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The best therapies, best medical treatment and the best methods

Basically, the listed therapies, massages and treatments are the basics. In contrast to the "therapies, treatment methods and medical treatment on the frequency of tenders" determines here the visitor this listing. The sorting is quite simple, the more visitors were counted at the respective therapy, massage or treatment, the above is this.

61. place - best therapies
Metamorphosis - the prenatal therapy

Massages, lymphatic drainage

The metamorphosis, prenatal therapy is particularly suitable for children in their early childhood development. Up to very good success can be achieved in autistic children and children with Down...

62. place - best therapies
Electroacupuncture, biological function diagnosis according to Dr. med. Voll

Acupuncture, acupressure, meridians

Electroacupuncture or Biological Functional Diagnosis acc. to Voll (EAV) is a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. What is electroacupuncture according to Dr. med. Voll? Dr. Voll found out at the...

63. place - best therapies
Stress-Management, Release

Consulting, Coaching

64. place - best therapies
Pelvic obliquity, leg length correction

Spine, back, joints

With the spiritual spine straightening, it is possible to arrange within a few seconds and without a single touch of an erection of the entire musculoskeletal system. Immediately visible is the...

65. place - best therapies
Subtle ways of healing

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

The esoteric medicine assumes that form the body, soul and mind form a unit. Philosophers and sages of all times and cultures have always been taught that a person's health by his thoughts, his...

66. place - best therapies
Relaxation therapies, relaxation training

Relaxation, mediation, stress relief, Cranio Sacra

Relaxation therapies, relaxation training   There are different relaxation therapies, such as Silva Method   Yoga   Fantasy Travel   Muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen   Autogenic Training...

67. place - best therapies
Hay fever - allergy


The Big Heart / Deep Heart A technique that opens the heart chakra, useful for lack of self-love, workaholic. Fri support various people who have heart disease such as Herzrythmusstrungen, chest...

68. place - best therapies
Family constellation - phenomenological-systemic according to Bert Hellinger

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

The family constellation according to Bernd Hellinger is about insight into entanglements within the family and their solution. After the helper has questioned the client about his or her concerns...

69. place - best therapies
Fibromyalgia therapy

Discomfort, pain

Fibromyalgia is commonly referred to as fiber Muscle Pain. Shall look you look at the variety of incurable diseases, the fibromyalgia is for the affected people are a particular burden. This man is...

70. place - best therapies
Bioenergetics - Bioenergetic analysis, body psychotherapy according to Alexander Lowen

Movement, perception, body

Bioenergetics tries to reconcile body, mind and soul, so that the life energy, also called bioenergy, is increased and flows freely through the whole body. Why bioenergetics? This promotes good...

71. place - best therapies
Cell Symbiosis Therapy ® by Dr. Heinrich Kremer

Diet, Eating, Eating Disorders, Fasting

Cellsymbiosis therapy® is a form of therapy based on decades of research and scientific work by Dr. med. med. Heinrich Kremer is based. The core of Cell Symbiosis Therapy ® is to re-start the...

72. place - best therapies
Chelation therapy, amalgam detoxification

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Chelation therapy consists of an infusion, made with an interval of two days. The infusion will last about 3-4 hours. After each treatment, the patient can normally go home. The amalgam...

73. place - best therapies
Messie therapy: Messie coaching helps with Messie syndrome

Consulting, Coaching

Messies (people with the so-called Messie syndrome) suffer, especially in the private sector, to be unable to establish or maintain a temporal or spatial order in which they feel comfortable. This...

74. place - best therapies

Diagnostics, analysis, medical history

Cybernetics as Biocybernetic leads to new diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives in medicine for the sick fishing manure, including the physiology, biology and neurology. Each of these methods...

75. place - best therapies
Spenglersan colloids


Immunotherapy with Spenglersan colloids For Spenglersan colloids are microbiological, homeopathic immune modulators that are used in alternative medicine use. They are made of antigens and antitoxins...

76. place - best therapies
Autogenic training - an effective relaxation method according to Prof. Dr. med. Dr. J.H. Schulz

Relaxation, mediation, stress relief, Cranio Sacra

Autogenic training is one of the most common relaxation techniques. The autogenic training was developed by Prof. Schulz from the medical experience with hypnosis and Far Eastern meditation methods....

77. place - best therapies

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

Visualize - The Power of Thought Our thoughts are forces, which already knew the shamans and healers of old. What is Visualization? Visualization is based on the premise that thoughts are forces and...

78. place - best therapies
Tinnitus therapy, tinnitus treatment

Neck, nose, ears

Up to 20% of the population are affected by tinnitus lasting, almost half of all people is at least once in your life down a kind ear noise. Tinnitus is a generic term for all types of ear or head...

79. place - best therapies
Coaching - Spiritual Coaching

Consulting, Coaching

What is Spiritual Coaching?   Spiritual Coaching is part of a holistic coaching, which involves all levels of our human being, acting and counseling. The spiritual level denotes the highest...

80. place - best therapies

Diagnostics, analysis, medical history

The vegatest method is an ultra-modern development of EAV (EAV) and BFD (Bioenergetic Funkionsdiagnose). According to the latest technical and scientific information, will be on any skin point the...