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The best therapies, best medical treatment and the best methods

Basically, the listed therapies, massages and treatments are the basics. In contrast to the "therapies, treatment methods and medical treatment on the frequency of tenders" determines here the visitor this listing. The sorting is quite simple, the more visitors were counted at the respective therapy, massage or treatment, the above is this.

81. place - best therapies
Migraine treatment, migraine therapy

Discomfort, pain

Migraine headaches usually express themselves as follows: paroxysmal occurrence, usually unilateral starting, then they spread slowly over the entire head; Duration approximately 6 -12 hours (-day),...

82. place - best therapies
Dorn-vortex treatment

Spine, back, joints

What is the spike-vortex treatment? The Dorn Therapy is a gentle vertebrae and joint treatment vertebra. The spike-vortex treatment can be used to cure diseases that are directly or indirectly...

83. place - best therapies
Foot Reflexology

Massages, lymphatic drainage

The self-healing powers are specifically stimulated in many areas of the body, tensions are released, old deposits removed from the cells. Origin of foot reflexology The first indications of an...

84. place - best therapies
Singing bowls massage

Massages, lymphatic drainage

Vibration is sound!                               The singing bowls massage is based mainly on the effect of sounds. Listening from the harmony of a wiser man harmonious sounds, he...

85. place - best therapies

Esotericism, astrology

The pendulum itself is only an aid, because man is the channel. Commuting connects us to our deeper being. It helps to bridge the great gap between rational thinking and feeling and opens the way to...

86. place - best therapies
hnc-therapy, human neuro cybrainetics therapy

Relaxation, mediation, stress relief, Cranio Sacra

The treatment method Human Neurocybrainetics, or HNC for short, is based on building blocks that are based on different therapies. For many decades, HNC therapy has had an enormous amount of...

87. place - best therapies
Psychosomatic Energetics acc. to Dr. Banis

Energy, energy work, energetic methods

Psychosomatic Energetics by Dr. Banis is an effective short-term therapy for the resolution of psychological conflicts. Method / idea and explanation of the effect In the "Psychosomatic Energetics"...

88. place - best therapies
General health advice

Consulting, Coaching

An expert health consultation can help to avoid diseases in advance. Patients who have a good relationship to their body know exactly when and how to behave. A natural instinct, combined with healthy...

89. place - best therapies
Healing Touch

Massages, lymphatic drainage

What is Healing Touch? Healing Touch is an under-developed in the United States, careful training, to learn different methods of scientifically researched and effective energy and thus to remove...

90. place - best therapies

Hair, skin, nails

What are scars?   Scars e.g. after surgery or accidents. Scar tissue is inferior connective tissue that is supplied with blood worse than normal body tissues and has a reduced electrical...

91. place - best therapies
Animal Communication


Animal communication - understanding the language of animals. Animal communication is telepathic form of communication between animals and humans. It is, unlike the verbal form or the body language,...

92. place - best therapies
Shamanic drumming


What is shamanic drumming?   The tradition of shamanism is inseparable from the person of the shaman and the practice of ritual trance-like state of consciousness connected. This state is induced in...

93. place - best therapies
Progressive muscle relaxation PMR according to Jacobson

Relaxation, mediation, stress relief, Cranio Sacra

What is PMR - Progressive Muscle Relaxation? Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson is a technique that is very easy to learn and is suitable especially for people who do not deal with...

94. place - best therapies
Prayers, praying, prayer healing

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

Prayer Prayer is the most intimate encounter with the divine source. Pray we never, if we do not have the feeling of openness and devotion to the divine source. Most people in our culture have a...

95. place - best therapies
Bowtech ®, Bowen-Technique

Massages, lymphatic drainage

What is Bowtech? Bowen ® sees itself as an independent, dynamic system of holistic muscle and Bindegewebsanwendung. It is a specific neuromuscular acting method, which works primarily through the...

96. place - best therapies
Hormone Yoga after Dinah Rodrigues

India, ayurveda, yoga

Hormone Yoga (after Dinah Rodrigues) is a kind of dynamic yoga that not only increases vitality and well-being, but also leads to quick results in regular practice as it has a specific effect on the...

97. place - best therapies
Electrolysis foot bath - Body Detox

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Body Detox electrolysis foot bath is a body-friendly method, which requires no chemical additives. The Body Detox System is based on an electro-physical process, is ionized in the water. A tingling...

98. place - best therapies
Heavy metal test

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

99. place - best therapies
Acupressure, point massage

Acupuncture, acupressure, meridians

Acupressure means in English: point massage. Acupressure is applied involuntarily by each of us, when it hurts somewhere. Instinctively we reach for the painful area, whether it is the temple or a...

100. place - best therapies
Spiritual companionship, spiritual accompaniment of light path

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

What is Spiritual companionship? Spiritual companionship is a way of life company that accepts humans as complex beings and concrete support for personal growth and development processes provides. It...