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Animal communication - understanding the language of animals.

Animal communication is telepathic form of communication between animals and humans. It is, unlike the verbal form or the body language, the sending and receiving of mental images, questions and thoughts, feelings, sensations, sensations and perceptions.

Animal Communicators to work with veterinarians and horse farms together, are naturally presented in dog and animal magazines, the Queen brings them to their horses, they sit with Stefan Raab and other relevant channels on the couch. There are dozens of books, hundreds of courses and thousands of internet entries for animal communication. And there are always more. It seems as if we could relive that ancient fairy tale come true again. Telepathy is the exchange of information from one mind to another. So if I communicate telepathically, and then I send receive - unconsciously or deliberately - vibrations and pulses of energy.

The telepathic sending and receiving of information can

  • mentally (via ideas and information)
  • emotionally (through feelings, emotions and the heart level) and
  • physically (via body sensations and perceptions)!

For telepathic communication with animals we use our innate telepathic sense. Because we have this sense, the telepathic communication is an innate ability that has any of the many billions of people on this planet and can be trained. This sense is just like our other senses to perceive, learn, Sign & Share, orientation, analysis and weighing of information from the environment there. Therefore, it needs no prior knowledge or preparations for it, but "simply" just the experience and the security that we collect through the use of our ability.

Everything that lives (ie animals, plants, people, rocks, dwarves, elves, angels, regions, cities and landscapes) constantly sends impulses (in the sense: energy, vibration, signals, information) from. Just as radio stations. And of course we are also surrounded all the time by radio waves from other radio stations. You could say, "You're imagining you just a, but in this room is air!" But a radio or TV would make audible and visible, that the whole room is just full of information! Telepathy is like having both an internal radio to receive and also an internal radio station for transmitting information. I can see my heart radio, that is my innate ability to receive and send information to " noise" (which most people do) or "Receive Broadcast" on (what we call "telepathy").

So we do not talk, instead of communicating telepathically, but we also talk and during the whole time we send out pulses/information. With animals professionally or privately to speak their wishes to translate the keepers and then watch the changes is a wonderful activity. And is increasingly in demand! In Germany alone there are over 26 million home and farm animals, including about 2 million horses, 5 million dogs, 7.2 million cats, 5.8 million and 4.7 million small mammals pet birds as well as several million fish and reptiles! On average lives and live a third or more animals in each household.

But what do we really know about each other?

  • How many of them have behavioral problems? Have desires that they can not make themselves understood the keepers?
  • What do you mean, how many people listen to (their) animals are conscious and willing to meet their needs?
  • What would probably change everything for the animals when people would understand their behavior and their wishes?
  • How would our world look like if all people would pay (again) the nature of the animals?

Would such a world possible! Yes, it 's like the Indian and other nature-loving peoples say:

"The land and all life is sacred.
We listen to the animals and plants.
They were here before we arrived people.
They are our sisters and brothers."

Like the animals and we be happy together.

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Tierkommunikatorin, Reiki-Meisterin & Reiki-Lehrerin Iljana  Berlin

Tierkommunikatorin, Reiki-Meisterin & Reiki-Lehrerin Iljana Planke
12161 Berlin, DE

Tierkommunikation, Erlernen der Tierkommunikation, Reiki-Ausbildungen in 1.-4. Grad nach Usui

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