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Was ist „Aura work”?

The human energy field is also known as aura. The aura is part of the universal, surrounding field of energy and can also be considered as a kind of filter that conducts energy from outside to inside (towards the body) or from inside to outside.

Aura - General

The aura reflects the character, the inner attitude and above all the state of health. As a result, our feelings, thoughts, and state of health create an impact on our environment, and the environment greatly influences our inner world. Thus, an environment with positive thinking people has a strengthening influence.

What is the aura?

The aura is divided into several layers, also called auric bodies. These layers overlap and penetrate each other, and have different characteristics and tasks. Embedded in the aura are the so-called chakras, funnel-shaped energy packs (see adjacent diagram), which are located on the front and back of the body. The crown chakra, for example, has the color violet in healthy condition, and is associated with the level of higher consciousness. So every chakra (= energy center) has its specific color and its specific task.

The aura is fed by life energy (chi, prana, orgone, ...), which gives the body vitality. The life energy comes from the food, the air and the "kidney chi" given to us by the parents. Kidney chi is like a battery that discharges in the course of life, but can be replenished with proper lifestyle. When kidney chi is used up, the human dies. The state of health is largely determined by the amount of the incoming life energy, because dark and pathogenic energies are flushed out by bright energies. Life energy provides quality food, fresh air, sunbeams, nature in general.
A strong aura is also like a kind of shield against external energies. Act on these energies longer, but they penetrate into the depths. So we are e.g. after a week of hiking holidays full of prana (through the clean prana of nature), while after a few hours we feel exhausted and stressed out in the traffic smog of the motorway. Equally stressful is the constant contact with sick people, because even their energy field will slowly infiltrate us and can also make us sick.

With our energy field, we attract people who have a similar aura structure. For example, it creates sympathy or antipathy. The radiation of our aura causes even other living things to certain reactions (some are growled by otherwise dear lap dogs, others never!)

The aura includes all past experiences from childhood, birth, from the uterus, and from past lives (if one would believe in it); It contains feelings, thought structures and also earlier actions.
It can become the recipient of intuitive information through the connection to the higher self through the vertex chacra. A dangerous situation triggers a "strange" feeling in the stomach, even if it can not be understood rationally at the moment.

It is always beneficial to have a strong aura.

The aura diagnosis

The human organism possesses as described above every living being an energy field, which determines the vitality as well as the physical and mental health of a human being. Specifically, if the aura is big and wide, you feel good, you have strength, you are full of energy and physical and mental health can occur. If the aura is tight and small, you feel without drive and weak, without defense. If this condition persists, disease, pain and degeneration on the physical, psychological and spiritual level thrive on this soil.

The aura diagnosis can be used to determine the dark and weak areas of the aura. Here, the aura is dark and small due to blockages of body energy. The underlying bodily organ is then either damaged or becomes ill only by prolonged lack of energy. It can thus be made even before the occurrence of organic disease a subtle diagnosis. Aura diagnosis is real prevention, a way to prevent disease long before disease symptoms appear.

Therapy via the aura

Since the aura has connection to the higher self, it already contains the answer to being "healed" on a physical, mental and spiritual level and can be interrogated. The aura can be used in the therapy session to inquire about the most suitable therapy method and its precise application method.

In the aura test, a "tonic" for the aura is sought, which makes a small, dark aura again wide and strong. If the energy flow is restored at one point, not only the treated area but the whole aura reacts. This can be a homeopathic or herbal medicine, an autologous blood injection, an acupuncture needle or other natural healing (of course, especially in life-threatening high-acupuncture disorders, a conventional medical therapy can strengthen the aura, in chronic diseases, the aura but rather on naturopathic methods). No matter what "tonic" is used, in any case, the body is supported in his healing efforts, which he applies of his own accord. Conversely, the re-energized organ can heal or perform its function better, and one feels more vital overall. Of course, miracles can not happen through the aura work, and destroyed organs may need to be repaired. conventional medical replacement. But the maximum possible can be "taken out", and many diseases are too quickly accepted as incurable.
The aura reacts immediately to the tested measures. However, as a rule, several strengthening measures will be necessary until a desired result is achieved, depending on how strong the "foundation" of the disease is. Especially long-term illnesses need a lot of recovery time because a diseased energy anchors more and more in the aura over time.

If the patient has little patience with them and would like to combat the symptom with power (for example the infection with tons of nasal spray, headache tablets, ect.), This leads to the so-called "oppression". This manifests itself as a relapse or susceptibility or as a shift of symptoms to other parts of the body. The original symptom may be gone at the moment, the energetic blockage persists or, in the worst case, will be exacerbated once energetic aura therapy is started. In homeopathy, this effect is called "initial aggravation".

For most people, the aura is merely the radiation of a human, for scientists it is a concrete, real existing energy field around living things. The aura is formed by the subtle color radiations of a human surrounding his body. These radiations can be perceived by clairvoyant humans. Each color has certain vibrations, which has different meanings.

Auratest and biotensor testing

The perception of subtle energies has developed over many years of aura work to great precision, and is an integral part of my perception. Through the aura and biotope testing, it is possible to penetrate into areas that go far beyond the possibilities of the mind and intellect. Subtle healing methods such as:

  • homeopathy
  • Acupuncture and moxa
  • Putting cupping heads
  • Bach flower therapy
  • Bath salts
  • Gemstone therapy, lithotherapy, stone healing
  • Aura-Soma Color Therapy
  • Rune medicine
  • Aromatherapy with essential oils

Through the aura test, they can be used very purposefully for physical, mental and spiritual processes. It can be determined:

  • which method works best, depending on the patient
  • how this method can be applied very precisely.

Through the aura test subtle healing methods gain "tangibility" and lose the esoteric aftertaste of "you have to believe it". To believe in something is certainly helpful as in all things of life, but the above healing methods are also effective in the doubter, provided it has been used correctly (for example, via the aura test). Also, the known uncertainty about the right homeopathic remedy, the dilution level and the dosage has a clear solution: the aura reacts significantly to strength and energy gain, you can expect a good effect, even if the effect of physical or psychological implementation still needs time. These are reproducible subtle results.

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