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Beschreibung der Methode "Azidosis Therapy"

Was ist „Azidosis Therapy”?

The Azidosis therapy according to Dr. med. Renate Collier is a combination of massage, diet and movement exercises. Acidosis therapy is based on the realization that a wrong diet, a lack of exercise and dys stress leads to hyperacidity of tissue and blood.

What is azidosis therapy?

The hyperacidity of tissue and blood in turn prepares the ground for symptoms such as poor health such as fatigue, fatigue and sleep disorders. The next stage is pain and finally diseases such as diabetes.

Our foods can be divided into two categories, acidifiers and base formers. The first rule of thumb is that fruit, vegetables and salads are base formers and meat, milk and cereals are acidifiers. By the way, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol as well as dysstress also belong to the acidifiers.

If we look at our normal diet, we discover that acid-forming food is the main part of our diet. The body counteracts this constant acidification or the imbalance of acid and bases, which we can no longer cope with, by providing the connective tissue as a depot.

The tissue becomes firm and hurts when touched more strongly, e.g. massages, and gets a flaccid or orange-peel appearance. The thickness of the tissue between thumb and index finger provides information about the degree of acidosis: the wider the wrinkle, the stronger the acidosis and a therapy against acidosis should be used at some point.

How does the azidosis therapy work?

Azidosis therapy is therefore, on the one hand, a treatment to prevent the development of diseases and their symptoms and, on the other hand, prepares the ground for the healing of diseases. It consists of the following steps:

  • The acid depots are mobilized through massage of the entire body and movement exercises
  • Over a limited period of time, the body is almost exclusively supplied with excess base food

The urine is constantly checked by the patient by means of an indicator paper in order to determine the body's reactivity and the possible need for additional base preparations.

Sufficient amounts of liquid are supplied to the body to remove the released slag.

Accompanying measures for elimination such as envelopes and compresses; to restore the functioning of the intestine a bowel rehabilitation.

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