Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic Therapies & healing methods

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Alternative healing methods and natural remedies alone or supporting to school medicine with often amazing healer sequences

Anthroposophic diet

Diet, Eating, Eating Disorders, Fasting

Anthroposophic medicine after Rudolf Steiner

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

The most important basic idea in anthroposophic medicine is that the person feels better after the treatment, so it is about the discovery and perception of feelings, a central theme in the return...

Anthroposophical art therapy

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Bach Flower Cards

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Bach Flower Dances

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Bach Flower Therapy for Animals

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

What is Bach Flower Therapy for Animals?       Dr. E. Bach discovered, after he was at home only in homeopathy and developed the Bach nosodes, the 38 Bach flower remedies to heal the soul.    ...

Bach Flowers: Bach Flower Therapy & Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

The after Dr. Edward Bach called flower therapy provides for the treatment of various mental and emotional states with the help of plant essences. According to Bach's theory, illness occurs when...

Biodanza ®


What is Biodanza ®, the dance of life?   Biodanza is a technology developed in South America and in more than 40 years grown to the holistic method development, integration and development of human...

C4 Homeopathy

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

C4 Homeopathy is a completely new and revolutionary development in megalopathy. The remedies are rubbed by hand for four hours, while the operator experiences the symptoms, as in a drug test in a...

Chinese phytotherapy

Herbal medicine


Energy, energy work, energetic methods

Color and its effect LIFE ® COLOR (s) - Power Engineer Color works holistically on the body, mind and soul. Colors can relax us or stimulate our physical and mental health and strong. And sounds are...


Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Eurythmy is maintained in the anthroposophy movement art. Eurythmy should constitute intellectual content by body movements. These texts and music will be implemented according to a set pattern in...

Flower Essences

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic


Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Sehgal, the method is a sophisticated variant of Homeopathy. By ausschlieliche Beschrnkung of the regulation to the very core, it is necessary to Gemtszustand of people from the alltglichen...

Homeopathy by Sehgal

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Samuel Hahnemann, discovered at the end of the 18th Century, Homeopathy and perfected so that the foundations of Paracelsus. His guiding principle similar with similar heal with small and very small...

Homeopathy for animals


C4 Hmopathie is a new and vllig revolutionre development in the Hmpopathie. The funds will be rubbed four hours by hand, while experiencing the symptoms of rubbing, as with a Arzneimittelprfung in...

Homeopathy, classical homeopathy

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Homeopathy is the cure, in which drugs are administered in very strong Verdnnungen was begrndet by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). The basic assumption is, diseases bullet Could be...

Homeopathy, Homeopathy Practice new (PraneoHom)

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Often you get into Gesprch and thereby leads the statement that you had already been to the Homopathen times, perhaps even with the attachments, but nothing that had borrowed and brought to believe...

Homeopathy, Process

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic


Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Developed by Stanislav and Christina Grof Holotropic Breathwork, a method of self-discovery and inner healing. Based on the findings of modern Bewutseinsforschung zurckgegriffen here is on old...

Hypertension therapy, hypotension

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Hypertension means in medicine to increase a pressure or a voltage beyond the norm. This may be at increased tension of the muscles in the context of diseases of the extrapyramidal system, have...

Inhalation therapy

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic


Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Under isopathy refers to a form of Homeopathy, however, seeks similar isopathy not matter, but the same (eg a bacterium), which has triggered an illness. This is then administered to the patient in...


Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

New homeopathy according to Erich Körbler ® - teaching how to deal with life energy

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

The new homeopathy was developed by Erich Körbler in the 1980s. This method is part of holistic energy and information medicine. As an antenna technician, Körbler discovered that certain geometric...

Nosode therapy

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

What are nosodes? In the nosodes are prepared homeopatic substances from pathogens - were manufactured products or diseased tissue. The idea is to mix the Nosodentherapie Impfprinzip and homeopathy....

Phytotherapy, herbal medicine, herbology

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine, herbal medicine also includes the entire medical healing art of the past. It is the oldest healing methods in human history. Among the subgroups of herbal medicine include homeopathy...

Regenaplex, Regena therapy according to G. C. Stahlkopf

Naturopathy, holistic medicine, folk medicine

Regenaplexes are purely homeopathic complex remedies of plant and mineral substances as a kind of medicine that can be administered by the therapist or naturopath in the form of drops. What is a...

Rhythmic Massage, Massage Hauschka

Massages, lymphatic drainage

Snake Mountain (R)-essences

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic


Herbal medicine

What is Spagyric? The word comes from the Greek Spagyric: spao separate thinks Gyrein means unite. Although this method of drug manufacturing was spread by Paracelsus, the alchemical art is much...

Spenglersan colloids


Immunotherapy with Spenglersan colloids For Spenglersan colloids are microbiological, homeopathic immune modulators that are used in alternative medicine use. They are made of antigens and antitoxins...


Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

The goal has Umstimmungstherapie, the bodys to encourage a change of mood for. The organism is diseased or gestrte thereby get the chance to re-tune the Heilanste of auen better record....