China Therapies & healing methods


The healing methods and healing therapies of the millennium of ancient culture from the East as a blessing for the Western world.

Abdominal massage, Chi Nei Tsang

Massages, lymphatic drainage

What is an abdominal massage? The Taoist abdominal massage "Chi Nei Tsang" is based on the work of the internal energy of Universal Tao system and the knowledge of the Five Elements theory of...

Acupressure, point massage

Acupuncture, acupressure, meridians

Acupressure means in English: point massage. Acupressure is applied involuntarily by each of us, when it hurts somewhere. Instinctively we reach for the painful area, whether it is the temple or a...


Tibet, Buddhism

What is Buddhism? Buddhism is a world religion with a two and a half now - a thousand years of unbroken tradition. The "Four Noble Truths" constitute its core. They can also be viewed as the...

Chinese Astrology

Esotericism, astrology

What is Chinese Astrology? The Chinese Astrology (Chinese ?? ? zh?nx?ngshù = art of divination star) is closely related to the Chinese philosophy of nature and the Chinese calendar, particularly in...

Chinese dietetic

Diet, Eating, Eating Disorders, Fasting

Chinese herbal medicine

Herbal medicine

Chinese Massage

Massages, lymphatic drainage

Chinese Medicine in Obstetrics

Babies, pregnancy, children, parents

CQM - Chinese Quantum Method

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

CQM - the Chinese Quantum Method is the world's oldest and most advanced healing concept and is used for personality development. The Chinese Quantum Method combines the basics of human energy...

Do In

Movement, perception, body

What Do In? Do In is body work, where one aims to harmonize the energy systems of the body and keep it at a steady flow. She is descended from the Asian teaching and has as objective to create a...

Feng Shui


What is Feng Shui? By design, we obtain a balanced environment well-being and happiness. For unfavorable conditions can the life, health and advancement more difficult. Changes we make in the outer...

Fnf Element theory

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

Foot Reflexology

Massages, lymphatic drainage

The self-healing powers are specifically stimulated in many areas of the body, tensions are released, old deposits removed from the cells. Origin of foot reflexology The first indications of an...

Fragrance Qi Gong

Movement, perception, body

I Ching

Philosophy, religion, faith

The I Ching, the Book of Changes "or more precisely, " classics of the bill "is the oldest of classical Chinese texts. It describes the cosmology and philosophy of ancient China. Basic ideas are a...

Jin Shin Do (R)

Acupuncture, acupressure, meridians

Acupressure-acupuncture is a synthesis of traditional Chinese Heilknste, Taoist philosophy and western psychology. Jin Shin Do lst muskulre and emotional tensions that prevent the free Flieen of...

Moxibustion & Moxa Therapy - Healing Through Heat

Naturopathy, holistic medicine, folk medicine

At the present time, more and more forms of therapy are prescribed for different clinical pictures in support of these. These different therapies accelerate healing or activate the self-healing...

Prognos® Meridian Analysis

Acupuncture, acupressure, meridians

What is Prognos® Meridian-analysis? Prognos®, Meridian Analysis is a diagnostic and therapy system based on traditional Chinese medicine. It was initially developed only for space and allows today...

Pulse diagnosis

Diagnostics, analysis, medical history

Qi Gong

Movement, perception, body

Qi Gong is body work in which one tries to harmonize the energy system of the body and keep it in a steady stream. It comes from the Asian doctrine and has as a goal to create a harmony of body, mind...

Qi Gong for Life

Movement, perception, body

Qi Gong is Krperarbeit in which one tries to harmonize the bodys energy system and keep it in evenly Flu. It comes from the Asian doctrine and has as a goal to create a harmony of bodys, mind and...

Still Qi Gong

Movement, perception, body

Tai-Chi, Tai Qi

Fighting Arts, Combat Sports

There are many krperliche complaints, the real cause is not organic in nature, but in the realm of soul befindet.Fast all diseases that do not release a person but to accompany him over lnger time to...

Tao according to Mantak Chia

Fighting Arts, Combat Sports

The Universal Tao contains simple, easy to learn exercises and meditations to strengthen our body, organs detoxify, transform diseases, stress and negative emotions. The entire body is rejuvenated...


Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine


The traditional Chinese medicine is also abbreviated TCM. Traditional Chinese medicine is a more than 4000-year-old healing method from China. The TCM consists of different categories mainly...

Tongue Diagnosis

Diagnostics, analysis, medical history

Like the pulse diagnosis, the tongue diagnosis is an essential criterion of traditional Chinese diagnosis dar. From the tongue and has long been known to be reflected on its surface within the...

Traditional Chinese acupuncture

Acupuncture, acupressure, meridians

The effect of acupuncture is based on their influence on the energetic processes in the organism. Many of the autonomic nervous reflex points are identical to acupuncture points. Thus, disruption of...

Tuina - Traditional Chinese Massage

Massages, lymphatic drainage

The Tuinatherapie, a medical therapeutic massage, as the acupuncture always help if something gestrt - but is not destroys. Fri The massage is the meridian of particular importance and as required,...

Tuina-Massage / Anmo

Massages, lymphatic drainage

Tibetan Medicine - Tibetan healing methods Tsa-Lung (Healing with the own hands) "Tsa-Lung", also called own hands with the healing, heitwrtlich "Windkanle. It is a special technique of energy...

Tuina-Massage for Children

Massages, lymphatic drainage

Wai Qi therapy

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

Wai Qi is the qi of nature, the universe, and qi that we can get from other people. A Wai Qi healer collects Qi from the universe and passes it on to the sick. With Wai Qi Therapy, small and large...

Yin Yang

Philosophy, religion, faith

Yin and Yang are two terms from the Chinese (natural) philosophy. Yang is the case it is the principle of heaven. Around the principle of yin earth. The transition from Yin to Yang while flieend. The...

Zhi Neng Qigong


Meditation in Motion 1992 reported by the Chinese government as the most effective of the 11 recognized as a salutary Qigong! Zhineng Qigong is to be developed by Dr. Pang Ming art of Tai Ji, body...