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Was ist „Couples therapy”?

Das Gefühl in die richtigen Worte zu fassen ist nicht immer einfach und führt oft zu großen Missverständnissen, die mit etwas Geschick und Hilfe ausgeräumt werden können. Gib dem Gefühl Worte und die Beziehung wird funktionieren. Leider sieht es im Alltag anderes aus. Stumm und ausgesprochen gehen Beziehungen immer häufiger zu Bruch.

Paartherapie, Eheberatung - wie die Beziehung retten
Bild: Paartherapie, Eheberatung - wie die Beziehung retten

Couple counseling or couple therapy?

If a couple visits sporadically or for a short time in support of this process of counseling, it is called pair counseling. Couples therapy is when a couple continuously and purposefully engages in the help and support of a couple therapist over an extended period of time.

Why a couples therapy?

The couple relationship is one of the biggest gifts in our lives.

The love that comes to us, who lives with us, who walks or changes: these are the three great phases of change in every partnership or marriage. If the couple relationship is alive, it is an ever-new growth, a common look, a questioning again, a dying of restrictive habits and structures and the finding of a good change between merging and being alone.

Our brightest heroes and the darkest demons we project onto each other's partners, which can lead to a fair amount of confusion, misunderstanding and entanglement.

The couple interview is in such situations more insight into the couple dynamics, resumption and deepening the ability to show each other, to open up and share with each other and the ability to find more peace and serenity, even in difficult or hopeless moments.

Helena Gemmel

Every partnership has problems every once in a while, that's completely normal. Sometimes it can happen that the relationship problems get out of hand and the view for possible solutions is lost. In this case, a couple therapy can help.

What does a couple counseling or marriage counseling look like?

As with a family therapy, the couples take part in a couple counseling either together or the partners individually. As a rule, therapy, counseling or coaching takes place in the practice of a therapist, consultant or coach. The couple therapist or couple counselor helps identify and work on relationship issues. He moderates the conversation between the partners and motivates them to talk openly about their needs, desires, disappointments and hopes.

Goals of a couple therapy

Goals of the couples therapy are u.a. to talk about worries and fears of the soul and to find new solutions, in order to develop a new understanding for each other. Couple counseling or couple therapy usually involves a process of clarifying and changing the couple.

Quarreling in a relationship does not have to mean the end of a relationship

The biggest enemy of a relationship is indifference. Every day of a relationship poses a new challenge. Understanding, tolerance, consideration and a constant cooperation and for each other must not falter and become one-sided.

Save relationship with relationship therapies - real opportunities

In counseling sessions and relationship therapies with therapists, changes can be made that people do not find alone with each other, as the focus of the problem is narrowed. Therapists are, so to speak, neutral referees who do not just pay attention to one side but do not lose sight of the whole problem. With a relationship therapy both shock, trauma and injuries are cured. In longer counseling sessions, resistance and aggression are broken down together with the competent therapist. The disturbed relationship is screened down to the core. Unnecessary ballast is thrown off, so that new opportunities and new perspectives for the relationship become visible and realizable.

The path of couples therapy and relationship therapy is wide, but not endless

The couples therapy and relationship therapy opens up possibilities to solve inner resistances, so that the encounter can also take place within two people. Relieving ballast is more like salvation, it gives strength and courage to believe in the relationship and trust the partner. The relationship work is an exhausting and long-term affair that can not be mastered overnight. Nevertheless, partners can hope and trust to have found a healthy foundation after a relationship therapy on which it is worthwhile to build the future together.
Marriage counseling, couple counseling & relationship counseling and the view becomes clearer

Couples therapies and relationship therapies are used in a variety of ways to unite for two people or to strengthen professional skills. In meetings, communication and perception are practiced and trained. Negative experiences are worked up so that solid thought patterns emerge to achieve long-term success.

Shadows disappear and light can be seen at the end of the infinite tunnel. Relationships become more loving and understanding again. The attitude towards a partner or friends becomes more open again, so that you can approach each other again.

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    Abgestumpftheit Abneigung Abwertung Aggression Alleine gelassen Alter Anerkennung Angst vor Trennung Anschuldigung Anspruch Aufgeben Aufleben Aussprache Aversion Beleidigt sein Beleidigung Bereicherung Beziehung Beziehungsproblem Blockaden Depressionen Druck Ehe Eifersucht eigene Wahrheit finden Einengung Einsamkeit Emotionale Erpressung Entfaltung Entfremdung Erleben Erniedrigung Erpressung Erziehungsprobleme Falschheit fehlende Anerkennung fehlende Geborgenheit fehlende Harmonie fehlende Ziele fehlender Freiraum fehlendes Selbstvertrauen fehlendes Vertrauen Freiraum Fremdgehen Geborgenheit gemeinsame Ziele getrennt leben Gewalt Gewohnheit Gleichberechtigung gleichgeschlechtliche Beziehung ...

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