Detoxification, cleaning, humoral Therapies & healing methods

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Causes internal and external diseases such as slag materials and heavy metals

Abdominal massage, Chi Nei Tsang

Massages, lymphatic drainage

What is an abdominal massage? The Taoist abdominal massage "Chi Nei Tsang" is based on the work of the internal energy of Universal Tao system and the knowledge of the Five Elements theory of...

Alkaline fasting - the mild form of detoxification of the body

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Conventional fasting cures are often interrupted due to unpleasant side effects. Sometimes they are not recommended for chronic diseases. For these people, the base fasting is a possible alternative...


Massages, lymphatic drainage

What is the Aurum Manus ® massage? Aurum Manus ® core of the therapy / Aurum Manus ® massage is the massage developed by Ricky Welch. It is a holistic massage to physical and mental well-being....

Autologous blood therapy

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

The autologous blood therapy is a non-specific stimulation therapy, in which venous blood taken from directly or processed reinjected into the muscle or skin.   This is a diverse immune response of...

Azidosis therapy according to Dr. med. Renate Collier

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

The Azidosis therapy according to Dr. med. Renate Collier is a combination of massage, diet and movement exercises. Acidosis therapy is based on the realization that a wrong diet, a lack of exercise...

Basic nutrition

Diet, Eating, Eating Disorders, Fasting

If you are looking for a basic diet on the Internet, you are most likely to come across it if you want to fight diseases. Many provide a basic diet as a method to cure diseases. But what is behind...

Baunscheidt treatment

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

When the Baunscheidt treatment is by irritation of a specific area of the skin healed directly acute and chronic neuritis (nerve pain), indirectly via the reflex zones strengthened organs are...


Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

The bleeding seems to many people "medieval"; it is also an excretory method used since antiquity and can help in situations that defy even the heaviest drugs. What is the bloodletting? However, the...

Body Wrap, Hännan

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

What are body wraps? Body wraps for detoxification, detox and de-acidification of the skin, connective tissue, muscles and lymph The Hännan Body Wrap is a full body wrap, consisting of 30 cotton...

Cantharides-therapy, Cantharides-plaster

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

What are cantharides plaster? Drawing bubble patches are applied successfully for a long time, when it comes to unhealthy accumulations of body fluids from inside the body to run locally on the...

Cave therapy, speleotherapy according to Dr. Rudolf Bengesser


For millennia, people have visited caves - initially as a dwelling, to protect against enemies and weather or as a place of worship - today to research to escape the stress of everyday life, or to...

Chalk, Krperwickel

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Chelation therapy, amalgam detoxification

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Chelation therapy consists of an infusion, made with an interval of two days. The infusion will last about 3-4 hours. After each treatment, the patient can normally go home. The amalgam...

Colon cleansing (yogic, ayurvedic)

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Colon cleansing, intestinal lavage & colon hydro-therapy

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Intestinal cleansing, colon cleansing or colon hydrotherapy is an American-derived option for colon cleansing and intestinal cleansing. Expiration of a colon cleansing The patient lies comfortably in...


Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Schrpfen is one of the oldest methods of healing, the healing of the zhlen is diverting to (Aderla, Baunscheidtieren, Canthariedenpflaster, leeches, etc.). A suction cup, R. id of shatterproof glass,...

Darkfield Vital blood diagnostic

Diagnostics, analysis, medical history

What is the dark field vital blood diagnostics?   In the dark field blood-Vital Diagnostics is a special form of microscopic examination of blood   This type of blood test goes to the...

Deacidification and detoxification

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Detoxication cure & body detoxification

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Detoxification cures, also in combination with other accompanying therapeutic measures, according to the individual requirements for a cure or cleansing that is gentle on the organism with various...

Electrolysis foot bath - Body Detox

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Body Detox electrolysis foot bath is a body-friendly method, which requires no chemical additives. The Body Detox System is based on an electro-physical process, is ionized in the water. A tingling...

Fasting Therapy

Diet, Eating, Eating Disorders, Fasting

What is fasting? Fasting was at all times and in all religions are the Christian Lenten season in the six weeks before Easter, the renunciation of the flesh Catholics on Friday of Ramadan and the...

Fasting, Fast guide

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Fasting is been around since ancient times as an ideal way of contemplation and inner cleansing. Fasting therefore has a long tradition in all major cultures.               Especially in...

Gua Sha

Massages, lymphatic drainage

Gua Sha can be defined as the Chinese form of Schrpfmassage be called furthest. With a plate of Wasserbffelhorn is depending on the disease for about 10 minutes over the corresponding Krperpartie...

Gut renovation, symbiosis therapy

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

What is a gut renovation? The gut renovation, or symbiosis therapy involves primarily the harmonization of healthy intestinal flora. In humans there are in fact many small creatures that are...

Heavy metal test

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Hildegard medicine

Herbal medicine

Allergy, hay fever - If the defense is head An allergy is a reaction of immune cells to berschieende usually harmless substances that often environmental allgegenwrtig are in no way interfere in and...


Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Holopathy is a modern, developed in Austria procedures for effective holistic treatment of acute and chronic diseases, and Schmerzzustnden Befindlichkeitsstrungen. Holopathy people treated the whole...


Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Developed by Stanislav and Christina Grof Holotropic Breathwork, a method of self-discovery and inner healing. Based on the findings of modern Bewutseinsforschung zurckgegriffen here is on old...

Honey massage

Massages, lymphatic drainage

The Homosiniatrie is a very effective method of pain management. Begrnder and is named after the doctor franzsische de la Fuye. In Germany presented the doctor Dr. consecration of the connection...

Humoral therapy

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Humoral therapy is a collective term for detoxifying process. Built on the ancient theory of humorals, it is about the detoxifying and purify the body. Unhealthy lifestyle habits, diet and pollution...


Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

The history of Energy Psychology / acupressure tapping the Energy Psychology is a relatively young branch of psychology. It assumes that we have not only a physical bodys, but also an electrical...


Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Leech: leech therapy & leech treatment - the little black helpers

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

The leech (Hirudo medicinalis) has been serving the welfare of humans for about 4, 000 years. At the beginning of the 19th century it was almost eradicated by exaggerated medical use. In the meantime...

Lyme disease treatment

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is a tick-borne acute febrile disease or chronic infection, during which it may come in weeks, months or years of participation of the joints, nerves, meninges,...

Lymphatic drainage, manual lymphatic drainage

Massages, lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage Dr. Vodder developed. I, the therapist uses a systematic scheme and in a rhythmic sequence twisting and Schpfgriffe and pumping and related parties and special handles in....


Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Better known as "milk-bread-Dit", this treatment as an indispensable Gre purification and detoxification has been established. By consistently cleaning (inside and wetlands) and saving it comes to...

Neuro therapy


The Clinical neuropsychology is a treatment method for the diagnosis and treatment of mental Strunge organically conditioned. Subject of Neuropsychology is therefore investigating the relationship...

Nibbler fish therapy, Kangal Fish & surgeonfish - Ichthyotherapy

Hair, skin, nails

The main target group of Ichtyotherapie are patients with the clinical picture of psoriasis (psoriasis) and atopic dermatitis. The method has proven itself and the disease can be treated so well....

Ortho Molecular Therapy

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Ortho Bionomy is a method of Osteopathy Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle Krperarbeit, both as energy fields in the treatment involving bodys. About Berhrungen gentle and relaxing you selected positions for...

Pancha Karma cleansing treatments

India, ayurveda, yoga

What is Pancha Karma treatment?       Pancha means five. Karma means something like Handlung.Traditionelle Panchakarma treatments have little in common with spa treatments. These treatments are...

Procedural diversion

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Why there are procedural diversion? The development of chronic diseases is due to the increasing pollution of our environment with poisons such as mercury and solvents such as favors. Whether in...

Rasul Bath

Water, baths, sauna

What is Rasul bath? The Rasul bath is a combination of whole-body mud treatment, mild hyperthermia, inhalation and aromatherapy. After you enter the actual showering recently Rasul room begins to...

Raw food therapy

Diet, Eating, Eating Disorders, Fasting

Replacement of absorbed power and heteronomy

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

What is replacement of foreign energy and foreign rule? The detachment of "simple" foreign energy sources is possible through a clearing. In a heavy karma, addictions, etc is the salvation of the...


Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

What is the Sanum therapy? In Sanum Therapy is a therapeutic milieu that goes back to Prof. Enderlein. Microorganisms, undergo Enderlein different maturity levels. Only in certain levels, they are...


Water, baths, sauna

Shadow Work

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Light work is shadow work By karmic relationships - from our individual past lives - the Ahnenstrom - and the present life, we have expressed our shadow or esoteric: our double - or the little...


Massages, lymphatic drainage

Shiatsu is the art of Berhrung with roots in Japan and the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are located. Shiatsu treats the whole body, mind and spirit by acting on the energy channels, meridians,...

Steam Bath

Water, baths, sauna

What is a steam bath? In the steam room, the air is humid and 45 degrees. For Kreislaufschwächlinge is better than the dry, 90 degree hot air sauna. What causes a steam bath? A sweat makes the skin...

Sweat lodge

Wellness, beauty, natural cosmetics

Schwitzhttenrituale frher were already over all of North America verbreitet.Die Indians call Inipi. Ini means "sweat", take a steam bath. Pi denotes the plural ending with verbs. Sun Inipi means in...

Vital Wave Therapy

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

The effect of the vital wave therapy consists in the improved blood circulation, in the improved lymph drainage and in the relaxation of the muscles. What is the Vital Wave Therapy? Ultrasound waves...

Wraps, compresses

Naturopathy, holistic medicine, folk medicine