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Was ist „Dorn-Hock method”?

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What is the Dorn-Hock method?

Although a surprising number back and hip problems resulting from pelvic inconsistencies, attract many doctors and therapists do not consider this cause. Often triggered falls, which worked out even violently, blockages in the sacroiliac joint. The Shock Therapy Burkhard has developed a method to diagnose blockages in the sacroiliac or ilio-sacral joint and unerringly to treat.

Burkhard Hock calls his form of treatment, the "thorn-squatting method", because he has taken over from Dieter Dorn, the basic idea of ??active participation in therapy to the patient. But he is in many ways different from the doctrine of thorn: Dieter Dorn While his attention exclusively on leg length differences and lays claim unreasonable, this resulted from subluxated hip joints, has probed the causes of ISG-Hock blockades thoroughly. He has set up a safe system of diagnostic steps taken, that he could convey more than 2000 subscribers (physiotherapists, massage therapists, naturopaths and doctors) in training. Countless feedback from their practices confirm the effectiveness of the method.

Difference between Dorn and Hock

Diagnosed with a spine therapist a leg length difference, he sees this as the cause of the dislocation of the hip joint, and thus treated the side of the body where the leg is longer, with the hand or a rolled up towel and thinks that the femoral head back into the hip socket to stopping power. However, it is purely anatomically impossible that the leg length discrepancy is due to a dislocation of the hip joint. A sub / dislocation of the hip joint is only possible with a hip dysplasia, by accident or under anesthesia.

The ilio-sacral joint in spotlight

Through a study of 350 patients and their pelvic images was confirmed that a pelvic tilt by the rotation of a hip side comes. By such a rotation can both result in a "short" to "long" or even leg. Ignores this fact completely Dieter Dorn. As Dorn basically treated the longer leg to distribute the cases of the ISG blockades but almost equally forwards and backwards twisted hip bones (results from the study of over 1600 patients), he is wrong in half the cases.

False sense of success

Initially improved the situation of the patient through the thorn-compensation in the horizontal plane. However, the static situation soon worsened the spine because they bend ventrally in order to compensate for the misalignment of the hip. This is the natural shape of the lumbar spine partially or completely abolished, while it is in the thoracic spine and cervical spine to static changes. The disc ring receives on most levels, different loads, the disc nucleus moves backwards, which leads among other things, mostly medium-to long term spinal nerve compression, or a herniated disc.


The thorn-hock-a highly effective method is - logically comprehensible - amazingly simple - very effective and safe manual method, which ensures a quick results and treatment of sacroiliac joint blocks, pelvic and vertebral deformities inconsistencies.

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