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Was ist „Electroacupuncture”?

Electroacupuncture or Biological Functional Diagnosis acc. to Voll (EAV) is a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.

What is electroacupuncture according to Dr. med. Voll?

Dr. Voll found out at the beginning of the 1950s that the energetic state of individual organs and organ systems can be measured at certain points. Most of these points are on the hands and feet, on the twelve meridians known from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and on 8 other channels. Your location can be u.a. Precisely determine because of their diminished skin resistance.

With the help of the meridian doctrine of traditional Chinese medicine, conclusions can be drawn about the interactions of the individual organ disorders. The knowledge about these relationships and their mutual influences forms the basis of the electroacupuncture according to Dr. med. Voll.

Through the drug test, the possibilities of EAV are even more diverse: With the help of Nosodenpräparaten (protein-free sterilized pathogens in homeopathic treatment) disease causes can be determined easily. The advantage of this is that the drugs can be tested for their efficacy in the individual patient without having to take them before. This makes it possible to create a completely individual treatment plan for each patient.

How is Electroacupuncture Measured to Voll?

In order to get a complete overview of the energetic state of all organs of the body, a measurement takes place at almost 100 points on the hands and feet. For this purpose, the patient holds an electrode in one hand, while the therapist scans the points on the other hand with a fine measuring electrode. In the process, a current which can not be felt by the patient flows, which is "answered" by the corresponding organ. The level of the measured values ??provides information about whether the corresponding organ is in an energetic equilibrium or whether degenerative or inflammatory processes take place there.

Subsequently, a drug test is carried out in electro-acupuncture. For this purpose, the preparations to be tested are introduced one after the other into the measuring circuit. By improving the readings with an agent, it supports the recovery of the patient. If the measured values ??do not change, the practitioner knows that the medication would not help.
The aim of this drug cure is to dissipate the substances stored in the connective tissue. Once the connective tissue has been detoxified, the immune system can perform its task better again.

The drugs tested as effective are prescribed to the patient as drops for oral use or as injections.

Target of the electroacupuncture according to Dr. med. Voll

Overall, the electroacupuncture offers Dr. med. These are great ways to identify the root causes of disease and to create therapy plans that help patients overcome their condition.

Electro-acupuncture according to Dr. med. Voll in the allergy treatment

In allergy treatment, EAV performs very well in detecting the triggering factors of allergy. Although the body reacts superficially to a so-called "allergen" (for example the flower pollen), the actual cause lies deeper. The body is so full of the most diverse pollutants, foreign proteins, disease toxins, that it can no longer respond adequately to completely natural substances. He shows overreaction. The approach of allergy treatment is now to recognize the many burdens - and to help the body to remove them.

It does not try to suppress the physical symptoms, but rather researches why the organism must react in this way.

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Indikationen & Heilanzeigen: die Anwendung von Electroacupuncture hilft möglicherweise bei:

    Adnexitis Akne Allergien Arthritis Arthrose Atemwegserkrankungen Ausfluss Blasenentzündung Bronchitis chronische Krankheiten chronische Müdigkeit Darmdysbiose Darmpilze Depressionen Durchfall Fußpilz Gicht Harnleiterinfekt Harnwegsinfekt Hautleiden Hautpilz Heliobacter Heuschnupfen Hitzewallungen Husten Hämorrhoiden Impfschäden Infekte Kinderkrankheiten Kinderlosigkeit Klimakterium Konzentrationsprobleme Leukämie Lungenerkrankungen Lympherkrankungen Mandelentzündung Mineralienmangel Morbus Chron Myome Neurodermitis Nierenbeckenentzündung Obstipation Parasiten Parästhesien Pilze Pollenallergie Prostata Psoriasis Rheuma Salmonellen Schmerzen ...

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