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Was ist „Fasting Therapy”?

Fasten, Heilfasten, Fastentherapie
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What is fasting?

Fasting was at all times and in all religions are the Christian Lenten season in the six weeks before Easter, the renunciation of the flesh Catholics on Friday of Ramadan and the categorical renunciation of pork in Islam as examples. Even in the natural medicine of the past centuries, there are several examples of modified fasting or severely restricted food intake: water fasting, Teefasten, juice fasting, Schroth treatments, Mayr cure...

What causes fasting?

Fasting has a dehydrating effect and desalting on the body, therefore it is used to purify and detoxify so that the discharge of the heart and circulation. The fasting is a degreasing instead of inside: cholesterol and triglycerides decrease and deposited fat depots detach from the tissue, the liver and other organs, blood vessels and so is the breathing more freely and the oxygen can be better transported into the cells - in short : the heart can do better "pump". Knee and hip joints and the discs are relieved, improved mobility. Those who have excess weight gradually breaks down and provides plenty of exercise, your body adds a lot of healthy and joyful years.

The uric acid levels rise during fasting, a sign that a particularly strong cell conversion takes place: acidified dissolved metabolic waste combustion, are deposited in fat stores toxins. Only five days after the end of the fast decrease of the uric acid value again. Ample fluid intake is essential to flush the loosened toxins from the body, whether supportive medication must be administered will, of accompanying decided trained therapists. Through this detoxification process, it may be fasting crises temporarily, as are headache, bad breath or skin blemishes. This is not a disease but a sign of the progressive Endschlackung of the body. Prior to any detox program a thorough medical history is required during fasting is accompanied by a naturopathic inevitable.

Impressive is to observe how changing the face of a fasting person: the features are self-confident and drowsy, pale gray skin regains a new freshness, pores and wrinkles are less, the tissue tightens.

The collagen fibers of the connective and supporting tissue in cellulite are thick and motionless, save waste products and excess salt and water retention, which regress by fasting and purification of additional brushes and oils, and cold showers. The achieved better blood circulation making the skin a real "rejuvenation" through. The body builds up in the fasting cure everything from what it charged, and what makes him sick. Our treatment includes the traditional healing methods like acupuncture, homeopathy, colon hydrotherapy, possibly Baunscheidt and cupping and massage with hot packs and metabolically activating injections, as well as individually tailored recipes. The result is not only a slender body, but the restoration of health.

The very pleasant and relaxing treatments activate the body's own healing powers and therefore derive a profound regeneration. The treatment duration of 10 to 14 days includes six treatment appointments. The after-treatment consists of construction for two weeks time when you get an individually prepared meal plan. We also help you on request with additional nutritional guidelines to maintain the achieved weight.

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Fasting Therapy - Symptome & Krankheiten

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    Abnehmen Entgiftung Entschlacken Gewicht Neurodermitis Pilzbefall Pilze Selbstwahrnehmung

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