Herbal medicine Therapies & healing methods

Herbal medicine

Medicinal plants, herbs are used in all cultures by natural healers as tried and tested medicines in the oldest medical therapies of natural healing.

Aboriginal medicine, aboriginal medicinal plants

Herbal medicine

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Aloe Vera

Herbal medicine

Aloe vera juice is rich in Aloinen, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Particularly noteworthy is the mucopolysaccharide acemannan, which is stored at a regular consumption in all cell membranes, where...

Aromatherapy, aromatology

Herbal medicine

Aromatherapy is often associated with phytotherapy, although, in contrast to that, it does not have the effect on the body but the effect on the mind and the soul. Known from the past may be the...

Aura-Soma ® - cosmetics for the soul

Herbal medicine

Aura-Soma® as "cosmetics for the soul" not only visually awakens the curiosity in us, but also stimulates the senses to the need to get the content under the skin. And that's the point here too....

Ayurvedic cooking classes

India, ayurveda, yoga

What is an Ayurvedic cooking class? Our illnesses and the physical discomfort caused by changes in the ecology of our inner body. This equilibrium is disturbed us. We always want to stay healthy, we...

Ayurvedic herbal medicine

Herbal medicine

Bach Flowers: Bach Flower Therapy & Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

The after Dr. Edward Bach called flower therapy provides for the treatment of various mental and emotional states with the help of plant essences. According to Bach's theory, illness occurs when...

Chalk, Krperwickel

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Chelation therapy, amalgam detoxification

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Chelation therapy consists of an infusion, made with an interval of two days. The infusion will last about 3-4 hours. After each treatment, the patient can normally go home. The amalgam...

Chinese herbal medicine

Herbal medicine

Chinese phytotherapy

Herbal medicine


Energy, energy work, energetic methods

Color and its effect LIFE ® COLOR (s) - Power Engineer Color works holistically on the body, mind and soul. Colors can relax us or stimulate our physical and mental health and strong. And sounds are...

Cosmo therapy

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

In the Cosmo therapy, the client spontaneously selects one of the basic combinations of flavors, colors, tones and gemstones. The current preference shows to which energy he wants to resonate. What...

Darkfield Vital blood diagnostic

Diagnostics, analysis, medical history

What is the dark field vital blood diagnostics?   In the dark field blood-Vital Diagnostics is a special form of microscopic examination of blood   This type of blood test goes to the...

Ear Candles

Relaxation, mediation, stress relief, Cranio Sacra

EssSense - metabolism concept

Diet, Eating, Eating Disorders, Fasting

EssSense - The individual weight loss Pleasurable, of course, slim and fit! FOR WHOM IS EssSense? For people who want to fit back into their clothes of that time, Want to know what foods do you good...

Frankincense therapy

Herbal medicine

Frankincense, like many other herbal medicines, is not a panacea that could eliminate diseases that are incurable with conventional medicine. In many, especially inflammatory diseases, however, it is...



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Fungal medicine, myko therapy

Herbal medicine

When fungal medicine fungi are administered in the form of capsules, mushroom powder, tablets, drops or teas. Even in classical homeopathy mushrooms are used. The fungal medicine is mainly based on...

Gold-Ash-Powder - the ''Golden Medicine''


Gold Ash Powder is an alchemical healing and dietary supplement whose formulation and manufacturing process by Sayagyi U Shein was received from the spiritual world of its Devas and "Move to the next...

Hildegard medicine

Herbal medicine

Allergy, hay fever - If the defense is head An allergy is a reaction of immune cells to berschieende usually harmless substances that often environmental allgegenwrtig are in no way interfere in and...

Himalayan medicinal herbs

Herbal medicine


Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Sehgal, the method is a sophisticated variant of Homeopathy. By ausschlieliche Beschrnkung of the regulation to the very core, it is necessary to Gemtszustand of people from the alltglichen...

Homeopathy, classical homeopathy

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Homeopathy is the cure, in which drugs are administered in very strong Verdnnungen was begrndet by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). The basic assumption is, diseases bullet Could be...

Homeopathy, Homeopathy Practice new (PraneoHom)

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic

Often you get into Gesprch and thereby leads the statement that you had already been to the Homopathen times, perhaps even with the attachments, but nothing that had borrowed and brought to believe...

Hormone therapy, herbal

Naturopathy, holistic medicine, folk medicine

Lyme disease treatment

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is a tick-borne acute febrile disease or chronic infection, during which it may come in weeks, months or years of participation of the joints, nerves, meninges,...

Mistletoe therapy

Herbal medicine

The mistletoe is used since ancient times as a medicinal plant. She was also known as Hildegard von Bingen and Paracelsus Hippocrates. For about 100 years, it is used in the context of...

Moxibustion & Moxa Therapy - Healing Through Heat

Naturopathy, holistic medicine, folk medicine

At the present time, more and more forms of therapy are prescribed for different clinical pictures in support of these. These different therapies accelerate healing or activate the self-healing...

Natural cosmetics, holistic cosmetics

Wellness, beauty, natural cosmetics

Ortho Molecular Therapy

Detoxification, cleaning, humoral

Ortho Bionomy is a method of Osteopathy Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle Krperarbeit, both as energy fields in the treatment involving bodys. About Berhrungen gentle and relaxing you selected positions for...

Phytotherapy, herbal medicine, herbology

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine, herbal medicine also includes the entire medical healing art of the past. It is the oldest healing methods in human history. Among the subgroups of herbal medicine include homeopathy...

Regenaplex, Regena therapy according to G. C. Stahlkopf

Naturopathy, holistic medicine, folk medicine

Regenaplexes are purely homeopathic complex remedies of plant and mineral substances as a kind of medicine that can be administered by the therapist or naturopath in the form of drops. What is a...

Regeneresen therapy

Spine, back, joints

Why a Regeneresen therapy is useful? When you wear speaks often of degenerative diseases. Degeneration means that the body is unable to restore health. In many chronic diseases and ailments that are...

Reintoxin enzyme therapy, snake venoms

Naturopathy, holistic medicine, folk medicine

One bite of the snake can be fatal. However, their venom is diluted to a hundred times, can heal us. In a healing practice only known pure toxins are used. That is, these snake venoms are exempt from...

Snake Mountain (R)-essences

Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Anthroposophic


Herbal medicine

What is Spagyric? The word comes from the Greek Spagyric: spao separate thinks Gyrein means unite. Although this method of drug manufacturing was spread by Paracelsus, the alchemical art is much...

TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine


The traditional Chinese medicine is also abbreviated TCM. Traditional Chinese medicine is a more than 4000-year-old healing method from China. The TCM consists of different categories mainly...

Tree Medicine

Herbal medicine

What is a healing tree? Trees are also a symbol for knowledge, immortality, beauty and fertility. The fertility hid his greatest secret of life, new life, resist awakening after death. By the tree...

Wild herbs

Herbal medicine

Wild herbs and their use"Add the herbs all the power in the world is included.He who knows their secret skills, who is omnipotent "It is said in the Vedic hymns, the most ancient scriptures of...