Learning, learning disorder Therapies & healing methods

Learning, learning disorder

Learning processes and learning ability of children, pupils and adults. Decrease and correct performance deficiencies.

Barriers to learning

Learning, learning disorder

Basal stimulation

Movement, perception, body

To promote communication ability physically or mentally impaired people used to this type of therapeutic intervention. Basal stimulation means to improve the sensory perception, communication ability...

Examination anxiety

Learning, learning disorder

Lauth and Schlottke, therapy for


The laser has been blunt in acute injuries, which primarily made essential in sports medicine and Orthopdie. The bodys can absorb the energy of the high-energy cold very well and use...

Marburger concentration training

Learning, learning disorder

Healing with the power of the word (mantra) There are several healing energy in the universe, the responsibility for healing purposes are used and targeted. A mantra is a very wirkungsmchtiger...

Psychology of Vision (POV)

Awareness, energy, spirituality, soul, light

Relaxation Pedagogy

Relaxation, mediation, stress relief, Cranio Sacra

Sleeplessness, insomnia, sleep school

Discomfort, pain

What are sleep disorders?                               In initiating and maintaining sleep, daytime fatigue, night shift or change is often the body clock out of sync and the person...

Sound Therapy, Human Tuning

Learning, learning disorder

Sound therapist (HUMAN TUNING) by Dr. John Beaulieu, USA, a member of the, Karma singing bowl treatment from the Ganden Monastery, Tibet Synergetic treatment in Vebindung with color breathing, sacred...

Speech Therapy

Learning, learning disorder

When Speech Therapy is the language education. The language is the main medium of communication. People have problems in communication, this can lead to enormous limitations in interpersonal...


Psychoanalysis, behavior, conversation

VitaSynergetic is a synthesis of body therapy (energy massage, meridian tapping acupressure) and regression based on the 5 biological laws by Dr. Hamer.       By regression during the meridian...