Minerals, stones Therapies & healing methods

Minerals, stones

Minerals are used in all cultures by natural healers as proven medicines in the oldest medical therapies of natural healing.

Biochemistry according to Schuessler (cell salts)

Minerals, stones

What is biochemistry after Schuessler? The adverse effects of inorganic salts Schuessler salts are applied as drugs to compensate for a deficiency. It is not the aim of replacing the missing quantity...

Healing Stones, Gemstone Therapy & Lithotherapy

Minerals, stones

For many years gemstones have fascinated people, and not only as precious jewellery. The healing power was already known by the Babylonians and Assyrians. What is behind the attraction? Is medical...

Inka Stone Massage

Massages, lymphatic drainage

In the Inca Stone Massage is an energy-spiritual healing massage with stones, where bodys, mind and soul are brought into line. The ceremony begins with a shamanic ritual: Ruch cleaning of the room...

Sacred Stones

Minerals, stones