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Orthomolekulare Medizin - Mikronährstofftherapie mit Myers Cocktail
Bild: Orthomolekulare Medizin - Mikronährstofftherapie mit Myers Cocktail

Ortho Bionomy is a method of Osteopathy Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle Krperarbeit, both as energy fields in the treatment involving bodys. About Berhrungen gentle and relaxing you selected positions for the bodys ermglicht the Ortho-Bionomy the bodys energy field and be free of tension and stress and to harmonize. "Ortho" means straight, upright or right and "Bionomy can" with bionomic, to life gehrend be translated. Freely translated it unit, chasing behind the rules of life. This is meant that the natrlichen Selbstregulationskrfte of the organism are Supported and other partners. It tries to, functions of Lebes (pulsation, rhythm, movement natrliche ect.) Which many of us are inhibited or distorted when restoring. Dr. Arthur L.Paul (1929-1997), who went Begrnder method, assumes that the bodys already got everything to make up lost balance or discord, if he lost this knowledge will be made again appealing to clients. In the Ortho-Bionomy we support various positions of the bodys spontaneously takes to relieve and to muskulres Gefge to reorganize his neurotic. Working principles of Ortho-Bionomy If we proceed ortho-bionomic, the insert hlsame quality of our Berhrung and the contact with the other person important. We experienced a shift of the weight of "doing" to "being". The Behandlerin accompanies the person's attention and "non-doing". The Ortho-Bionomy forces nothing on the other organism, but ermglicht him from the inside to allow le is. No handle or store may be uncomfortable or painful.The Behandlerin accompanies the bodys of the person to be treated always in the free direction, forcing him to nothing. The Behandlerin verstrkt given movement and postural patterns, to subtle energy patterns. The Behandlerin seeks a comfortable position, storage or movement Fri. a muscle, a joint or a tissue to be found. The Behandlerin respects the perception of the person treated in relation to Krperausdruck, emotional experience, Bewegungsaudruck. It's companion through conscious awareness and not-doing. The treatment course is not intended to set goals, but lst of the treated area is auszudrcken person from within. The Ortho-Bionomy never works against the bodys or the Wishes of the person. Rather, it focuses on the self-perception and self-awareness of the client.Application of Ortho-Medical-Bionomy therapeutic range ortho Bionomy is ideal for the treatment of Wirbelsulen and Gleidmaen, muscle tension and poor posture. Ortho-Bionomy Carries the regulation of endocrine and autonomic processes in. Psycholinguistics and sociotherapy area, you can also be used to Support Form of shock and trauma work in psychosomatic and somatoform disorders Strunge.

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    Anlaufschmerz Bandscheibenvorfall Beckenschiefstand Bewegungsschmerz Darmsanierung Fersenschmerz Fibromyalgie Kinderwunschbehandlung Konzentrationsstörungen Krämpfe Mineralstoffmangel Muskelverhärtung Rückenschmerzen Schmerzen Spurenelementemangel Verspannungen Vitaminmangel Wechseljahre

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