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"I never promised you a rose garden ..." is the name of a famous book and the answer is a therapist, when her client complains enttuscht, after years of successful therapy to be still not arrived in the rose garden. We also have after long and intensive training with self-POA is still not found paradise. We found, however, essential parts of ourselves-Bedrfnisse, Gefhle-,-identities and force, which had long unlived. We are grateful to work with people always berhrende moments, situations of profound truth and love to learn in drfen. Psychoorganische analysis - a holistic form of therapy in the Paul Boyesen developed as a holistic psychotherapist 20jhriger Ttigkeit Thera pierichtung is the EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy) eigenstndige recognized as a form of therapy.Psychoanalysis, Psychoorganische / Krperenergetische work, Humanistic Psychology and Sensologie / philosophy are the four main points of reference of POA. Its goal and offers the Possibility for people to support various her deep yes to themselves and to life (to find) again. We assist people in a way that allows you ermglicht, do you even aware of and be at the characteristic proper to its truth (the self to remember). In the conflict between existence and co-existence of I and Thou knnen them in the new self-consciousness are forms with themselves, other people and the environment to be satisfactory in contact. The distinction between the self and what happens in the interaction with others is of importance Groer, so that a person not only by the ueren events (defined a man is not neurotic, he has a neurosis).to process experiences from the past, especially from childhood, and deriving of gunpowder resulting pattern of life and habits is necessary in further steps of the therapeutic situation to try out new behaviors and to integrate gradually into everyday life. In the POA, we work in the confidence, and feeling deeply starve in a knowledge has what Fri him right and good and so authentic or not authentic. Core of health, vitality and vibrancy to this berhren essential and growth to support various in his we see as an essential task in the POA. POA based on the concept of the unity of bodys and psyche. A word, a thought is always a pulse in the body.Because of this conviction were apparently Paul Boyesen gegenstzliche therapeutic ways of working, such as psychoanalysis and Krperpsychotherapie, zusammengefhrt ergnzend each other and developed the Psychoorganische analysis. Content of psychoanalysis, such as working with bertragungselementen, spectrum, getting to know the unconscious inner world and their images are thereby connected with krpertherapeutischen methods, such as working with breathing, Berhrung, massage. POA provides the Possibility, both from the psyche to the bodys, and by the bodys to work to the psyche. POA believes there Gefhl, situation, and expression of mutual relatedness are in and form a unity. Each and every Gefhl expression refers to a situation. Simplified ausgedrckt, is the way we work is more in the direction Gefhl, situation or expression to work, depending on which part is unterreprsentiert the individual.(It gengt not cry, it is important to know why or with whom I scream.) In addition to the release of residual energy (zurckgehaltene Gefhle, actions, encapsulated emotions) we direct the attention especially in POA the consequence of energy. It contains the unlived potential of the individual, his / her Wishes, Bedrfnisse that Flle and richness of the sea of all possibilities unlived. When we work at the high-energy, we will not go into what really happened in the past, but to what had borrowed his knnen and what we htten needed. Much energy of man is bound and can be released in this way and in the presence of available made. What a man does not frher could live, he can now bring in the real world is not. Paradise, the Annherung to this, not the rose garden, the roses Erblhen individual in us, we'll be able to know and realize .This also means the experience of moments of oneness and love in us, and the encounter with other people and the world. Veronika Frommherz / Jutta Wolf, in in Sept.1997

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Heilerin, anerkannte Ausbilderin vom DGH seit 1999 Ursula H.  Neustadt

Heilerschule & Praxis
Heilerin, anerkannte Ausbilderin vom DGH seit 1999 Ursula H. Brausch
67435 Neustadt, DE

Heilerin /  Ausbilderin im DGH seit 1999

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