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Beschreibung der Methode "insomnia"

Was ist „insomnia”?

In the case of problems falling asleep and sleeping through, tiredness during the day, alternating shifts or night shifts, the inner clock is often out of sync and people begin to be sickly.

Why treat sleep disorders (agrypnia, insomnia, hyposomnia)?

The aim is to know and learn exactly what sleep actually is, to learn how to deal with sleep naturally, to balance the inner clock and to react correctly to sleep disorders.
The curriculum of a sleep school includes subjects such as

  • uncovering right and wrong habits during sleep, recognizing mistakes and correcting them
  • discover and live your own biorhythm
  • "the mill wheel of thoughts" stop
  • Dissolve traumas and constricting beliefs
  • Learning sleep hygiene
  • visual, mental, edukinesthetic exercises
  • Get to know slumber recipes, healing teas and spices

What's a sleep school?

A sleep school includes a guard school - for those who sleep well at night but are still tired most of the next day. Routine and automatisms in life make people tired, double and triple burdens exhaust them, who should learn again to give each day a clear structure, which gives them joy and lost energy back.
All good things come in threes: the school of slowness teaches how to cope with the hectic pace of everyday life and constant stress. What is stress anyway? What distinguishes positive from negative stress? People can also get out of the unhealthy stress trap: Practice makes perfect here too.

Getting up well rested

If you get up in the morning and feel like you've been wrecked, you'll start the day with a few minor restrictions. Those affected can often not explain to themselves how this can happen. Sleep was sufficient, the room temperature was appropriate and disturbances of the peace can also be excluded.

Old mattresses often the reason for not restful sleep

There is often a simple explanation for this problem. Often, this is due to inferior mattresses or old slatted frames, which are responsible for the morning discomfort. Back pain, headaches or other physical ailments are only some of the known symptoms.

Changing the mattress is essential

Anyone who feels constantly unslept or even wakes up with permanent back pain should urgently change their mattress in order to play it safe or even prevent further health problems. Also an old, bulged mattress should be changed continuously, in order not to endanger the own health, because only a healthy sleep affects positively the entire organism.

Buy modern mattresses

Today there are high-quality mattresses in many different designs. Between cold foam, spring core or latex mattresses can be decided individually. Modern mattresses dissipate moisture and heat and guarantee optimum ventilation. Besides some mattresses adapt themselves to the body form and relieve thus the sensitive spinal column. Here one speaks of a point elasticity.

The expert advice can help

Of course, a high-quality mattress alone is not enough to provide sufficient prevention in terms of healthy sleep. Also the slatted frame should not only fulfil the functional purpose. Slatted frames are also available for purchase in many different designs and can be adapted to individual sleeping needs. Who would like to buy thus a new mattress or a new slatted frame, should not do without the advisory and technical authority of an expert.

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insomnia - Symptome & Krankheiten

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    Angst Durchschlafprobleme Einschlafprobleme Erdstrahlen innere Unruhe kreisende Gedanken Netzgitterkreuzungen Schlafprobleme bei Babys und Kleinkindern Sorgen um andere sorgenvolle Gedanken Störzonen Suche nach dem "Guten Schlafplatz" Wasseradern

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