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Beschreibung der Methode "Tarot"

Was ist „Tarot”?

Tarot is simply a kind of horoscope, just with cards. There are several ways to enjoy tarot. For one, someone can have their cards put through a soothsayer. These are then immediately able to interpret the revealed cards.

The motive of the cards determines luck or bad luck

On each Tarot card is then another motive to see, which has a meaning. Tarot can be consulted in many ways. Tarot is very often used when it comes to love, work and health. Of course, there is also the possibility to draw a card from a large stack of cards. This is where chance decides. With the tarot cards it is also possible to draw a day ticket every day. Everyone has their own personal horoscope in their hands. This fate card can then be used for the upcoming day.
Tarot cards give information about all areas of life

The most mentioned areas are:

  • Love and partnership
  • Job and finances
  • travel
  • Health and means of healing
  • fertility
  • Spiritual development and karma

To know the right time thanks to Tarot

The world of tarot is versatile and should be explored by yourself. Therefore, Tarot can also help to find oneself or to recognize one's own strengths. So having your cards deposited has nothing to do with gambling. The good thing is that the cards can always be different or another is drawn. Which means that a change in the current situation can be caused. This is usually already by the knowledge of such a map. For those who know their destiny can also align their own lives accordingly. Maybe we are looking for a suitable partner for a long time. But when is the right time, nobody really knows. The tarot cards can therefore provide a rough overview of the possibilities still to come and show the interested party what may be possible if at a certain time, attention is paid.

Origin of the tarot

Card reading is one of the oldest ways to learn about your own future. A Tarot card game usually consists of 78 cards. The maps, as they are used today, originally came from the far eastern region to Europe.

Tarot card systems

There are a variety of names and systems for Tarot, as the cards can also be significantly different from each other.

  • Marseille Tarot, also known as Rider Waite Tarot
  • Crowley Tarot
  • Card reading after Madame Lenormand
  • Card reading with angel cards
  • Playing cards with skate cards
  • Playing cards with playing cards

 Cartomancers, card readers

Tarot cards can be learned. Although it is still advantageous if there is still a certain sense of Tarot or cards available. Empathy is one of the most important qualities a card reader should bring. Tarot cards have a special function in terms of healing. So they can heal the soul, or show the way.

So that the loan can sometimes get an overview of the world of cards, a look should be thrown into a tarot card dictionary or similar. Although the principle is always the same, tarot cards can look quite different. To lay the cards properly, or even to lay yourself, the environment is also crucial. Anyone who wants to know more about their future or themselves should take some time to do so. Only if the environment is right, the right card can be guaranteed to be drawn.

Expiration of a tarot card session

In most cases, all cards are turned face up. In this case, it is decided at which position the particular cards are located. Their position determines how the past has happened or how the future can be shaped. Also, the arrangement of the cards gives some insight about the person who suffered blows or when the next great love comes. The client can then ask a question to the reveler or fortune teller, who then has the appropriate answer with the help of the cards.

Very often people work with impressive symbols like angels or knights. From swords to hearts - the symbols seem to have no limits. Especially when it comes to good cards, such as luck, this is usually displayed with coins, stars, or similar beautiful motifs fascinatingly beautiful.

Cost of a tarot session

As a rule, a fortune teller or fortune teller is called, or a direct appointment is made. The payment of a tarot session can be quite different. It is quite possible that a lump-sum fee, or a minute price must be paid. Meanwhile, there are also forums that allow an exchange between interested parties and those who already are.

Give away tarot cards

It is then up to you whether or not this advice is accepted. Incidentally, the laying of cards is also a nice gift idea. If a relative or good friend wants to be pleased, card reading is ideal. Because that's how you can show your counterpart that his well-being is important to you. Everyone has good stars and with Tarot cards they can also be made visible.

Tarot - Symptome & Krankheiten

Indikationen & Heilanzeigen: die Anwendung von Tarot hilft möglicherweise bei:

    Beziehungsprobleme Crowley Tarot Entscheidungshilfe Entscheidungsschwierigkeiten Große Arkana Jahreswachstumszahl Kartenlegen Kartenlegen mit dem Rider-Waite-Tarot Kleine Arkana Konflikte Lebensberatung in beruflichen Fragen Lebensberatung in privaten Fragen Lebenskrise Lebensrad private Fragen Selbsterkenntnis Selbstfindung Selbstveränderung Tarot der weisen Frauen Unsicherheit Wegweiser Wesenszahl Zukunftsdeutung

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